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Why We Are In The Hair Removal For Man?

Why We Are In The Hair Removal For Man

Hair removal for man is a concept that has steadily been developing over the last few years. Traditionally, hair removal has been considered a process that women go for in order to have beautiful looking skin. However, men are also climbing the hair removal ladder today and are getting rid of that unwanted hair on their chests, arms, or any other part of the body.

There are several reasons for this entry of the hair removal for man era, be it a personal choice to be hair free or a woman being involved, or maybe it’s simply the weather that’s made a hairless body more comfortable.

Whatever the reason, hair removal for man is definitely in. Especially with men who are into sports, body-building, modelling and the like, having a clean, hair-free body is the perfect way to show off muscles and their well-toned physique.

Here are some of the most commonly used methods of hair removal.


Men have traditionally been shaving to get rid of facial hair. Nowadays, this method is also being used to remove hair from the arms and chest areas. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways of hair removal for man. However, the only drawback is that the hair grows back quickly, and hence it needs to be done daily in order to maintain the hair-free appearance.


Though considered by many to be a very womanly process, men have also started waxing their body parts to get rid of that excess hair. Hot wax is spread out on the specified area, a piece of cloth is spread on top of it, and after rubbing the cloth it is ripped off in one smooth motion. Though a painful process, waxing gives longer lasting hair-free skin, sometimes lasting up to 2 months.


This is a more permanent method of hair removal for man. It involves targeting the root of the hair and killing it, thereby preventing it from growing back. However, it also depends upon each individual male and his skin/hair type. In some men, the hair does eventually begin to grow back.

Laser Hair Removal for Man:

This method of hair removal is the most permanent and probably the most popular today among both men and women. In this process, a laser device is used to target the melanin in the hair – a dark pigment that gives colour to the hair. The melanin is made to absorb light emitted by the laser, thereby killing the hair follicles.

Thus, with the hair cells wiped out, the hair does not grow back at all. Though this procedure of hair removal is a bit on the expensive side, its permanency makes it a very popularly used method.

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