Vector Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal System

Vector Electrolysis is the best hair removal system for self use at hmoe today. It effectively works by causing permanent destruction to the hair follicles down to the roots which inhibits the hair from growing back again.

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As they all say, nobody’s perfect. There are women who has got everything; the perfect body, the gorgeous locks, which pretty face, a successful career and a stable love life, except, a hairless and smooth skin. So, what do these women do? Shave? Wax? Tweeze? No, they use electrolysis. Find out why…

If you are looking for a PERMANENT solution to your ever problem of unwanted hair, then you also need a solution that will give you just what about you need.

For over 125 years, electrolysis proves to be the most effective way to remove hair from different areas of the body. Being the only treatment approved by FDA for permanent hair removal, it is simply the best treatment you will have to get among the different existing treatments of the same nature out there.

Electrolysis works by causing permanent destruction to the hair follicles down to the roots which inhibits the hair from growing back again. In the past, however, the only way you can ever avail of this treatment is through spending a huge amount of money to get it done on salons.

Fortunately, the possibility of doing electrolysis right at your home and for less than half the cost of professional treatments is available in these days, with the results just as effective. Well, it sounds too good to be true, because it is.

You may have to get a professional license to be able to use these kits, others can also be too complicated to use while some proves to be just a piece of crap. But, if you want to be permanently free from hair with the use of electrolysis, you have to stay committed.

There’s one home electrolysis machine that is a standout when it comes to performance and effectiveness that continue to gain praises and maintain a remarkable reputation when it comes to permanent hair removal, the Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System.

What Is Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System?

Vector electrolysis system shows to be the most convenient home electrolysis machine that is as effective as professional treatments minus the use of a needle. Vector electrolysis actually makes use of galvanic tweezers to treat hair one by one.

It is pretty amazing as it’s designed for professional use at a very affordable price. This portable machine allows you to get a permanent hair removal treatment right at the comforts of your home.

How Does It Work?

Vector electrolysis hair removal system is very easy to use. Instead of the intricate, plus painful use of a needle to destruct hair individually like what other systems do, all you need to do with Vector is just grab each hair strand with the galvanic tweezers and wait for several seconds to allow the reaction to take place.

You will have to apply gel on the area first which allows the current to flow from the machine to the hair. What happens is an electrical shock is being sent to weaken the hair shaft down to the roots so it is damaged and never grows back.

What’s great about Vector electrolysis is that it comes with a meter panel which displays the amount of power you use while doing the treatment. It is very safe and convenient.

Why It Is Undoubtedly The Most User Friendly Home Electrolysis System?

A lot of people are frustrated with having to use needle in their home electrolysis machine. Not even a good pair of steady hands can get past the tricky and lengthy procedure of inserting the needle individually in each and every hair strand without complaining “Enough!” The truth is and as mentioned a while ago, you may even need to acquire a license to be able to get a particular kit- a big hassle!

Then here’s where Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal becomes the ultimate since as stated above, it uses galvanic tweezers instead of a needle. Sadly, many vector electrolysis reviews fail to put emphasis on the fact that permanent hair removal such as electrolysis is not fit for the impatient. The fact is, you must really allot time for this, be determined enough and have the proper composure.

Is It Painful To Use?

No. It’s Painless. If you have read enough honest electrolysis reviews, you will for sure know by now that electrolysis is not really suitable for the faint hearted. That is the truth, except of course, if you are Superman or another superhero.

People who have done electrolysis reviews would often describe the pain in professional electrolysis treatments to be similar to the feeling of being nudged by small very hot pokers- definitely something that is not pleasant.

No pain, no gain as they say. With Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal however, that don’t need to be your motto. Since the galvanic tweezers are used and not a needle, you will only feel a slight zap of electricity that is almost just like the same tingling feeling when you use regular tweezers.

Most Vector Electrolysis reviews would show that it is the very same tingling feeling that makes its users tell that it actually is working, and that the discomfort involved is far more bearable than other treatments they have experienced before they were hooked to the Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System.

You will have the freedom to control its power with the settings that you can slowly increase until you get used to the sensation.

Does It Really, Truly, Honestly Permanently Remove Hair?

Experts say that you can only say that the product really does work when you are able to maintain a hairless skin 6 months after you have completed the treatment.

You wouldn’t believe with the number of people that have proven that Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System really does provide permanent solution to unwanted hair growth.

However, I wouldn’t even dare hide this fact from you. There are actually a small percentage of people, roughly around 7-10%, that claim of re-growth. But this probably are those who have not gotten the right rhythm in using the machine, or maybe was just not able to catch the right growth phase of the hair they are treating.

Is It For Everyone?

This is another amazing feature of the Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal system, because not similar to laser, it can be safely used by anyone. It don’t matter what skin and hair type you have.

A lot of vector electrolysis review would help prove that to you. A lot of people are so thankful to this system; they finally have a permanent solution to their hair problem, something that laser treatments deprive them of.

How Long To Get The Expected Results?

Using the Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System is not a miracle solution that was sent right out of the heavens; instead, it is almost that. There is already no question about the permanency of the result; however there are still things that you must know first-hand before you consider using this system.

If you are impatient, or want a quick fix to your unwanted hair problem, then I recommend you to just close this page. I want you to know this fact by heart; electrolysis is not an overnight solution to your hair problem.

Yes, if you decide to use the Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal system, you will have to be prepared to allot time to get used to the machine, and indeed, the treatment itself will take time.

You should know by now that with electrolysis, treatment is done hair strand by hair strand, which in contrast makes it an accurate and precise process. This is a great product that actually works and I recommend it to anyone who wants to do electrolysis at home.

There’s no problem treating small areas like your eyebrows, but if you treat larger ones, you may have to be extra patient and creative. Make a timetable. Be open to the idea that it will really require your patience and time.

At the end of treating all the areas of your body, you will know the reason why it had to be that way. The result will be just impeccable.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s all up to you. Are you willing to put efforts to be able to reap your rewards in the end? For a product that offers that great results for an unbelievably affordable price, you have to do your part. There are products that can offer long term results but as to the permanency, that’s another issue.

However, if you are looking for a PERMANENT solution that won’t make you end up penniless, disappointed and furious, I would highly recommend Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System.