Tria Hair Removal Review

Tria Hair Removal

Tria Hair Removal
Tria Hair Removal

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Tria Laser Hair Removal For Glowing Skin

Hair naturally grows in the various parts of the body as a form of first-hand protection. Nonetheless, some people experience excessive hair growth in frequently exposed areas (e.g. armpit, legs, and bikini line) too embarrassing to bear.

Many hair removal options are available in the market. There are those procedures like shaving, plucking or waxing which can be personally done easily. These do-it-yourself home techniques for hair removal are often very affordable and effective, but it does not provide long-lasting results since hair reappears quickly.

On the other hand, pricey surgical procedures that are sometimes more painful than traditional home methods have already gained popularity over the years.

Procedure like electrolysis (use of electric current to kill hair roots to prevent hair re-growth) and laser (use of tiny lasers to kill hair follicles). The latter is considered the sole treatment capable of permanently eliminating body hairs.

Wouldn’t it be a great offer if the effectiveness and permanency of results from laser therapy be brought home? What was once an impossible idea it has now become a reality. Laser treatment can now be performed y people at home and on their own. Want to know how? Read on.

From the creators of the gold standard in-office hair removal systems, come a new breakthrough in hair removal, the TRIA Hair Removal Laser that delivers everlastingly-smooth skin freed from the tiresome procedures of shaving, plucking, or waxing, and their undesirable side effects like razor burns, stubbles, or ingrown hairs.

Lesser hair re-growth becomes apparent after 90 days of continued use of the product. Total hair loss can be evident in 6 months time, and this saves a lot of time and money compared to in-office hair removal treatments.

The TRIA Hair Removal Laser is a blockbuster offer from the prestigious Tria Company which has already reached markets globally. To date, this product is the only laser therapy that provides permanent hair removal results at home.

Tria Hair Removal Features

Let us have a quick look at the features of the Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision:

  1. It’s designed to treat smaller and more sensitive areas.
  2. Results will be seen in as few as two treatments. Shaving is FREE in as little as 3 months.
  3. Professional laser hair removal at home for few hundred dollars!
  4. It’s approved by the FDA as safe and effective for permanent results.
  5. Ergonomically designed to be easy to use and features 3 comfort settings.

So, What Exactly Is Tria Hair Removal?

Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision is a professional quality at home laser hair removal. It is the newest Tria Laser device for home Hair Removal! It is an awesome product which is specifically designed for Smaller and More Sensitive Areas.

This NEW product is intended for smaller, more sensitive areas of the body, like the bikini line and underarms. Portable and cordless, its lightweight flexibility enables easy removal of unwanted hair with permanent results.

How This Tria Hair Removal Do Really Works?

Procedures like waxing, tweezing, or even shaving can cause irritation and skin allergies to people. The kind of wax used, the razor quality and pulling of the hair through tweezing can cause a lot of problems.

Tria laser hair removal system is completely hassling free and laser finish treatment that starts showing results after just two applications. An investment that is totally worth it, it’s a must for especially women who tend to travel and are not able to make frequent trips to parlours.

Tria Hair Removal system does really work. It’s easy to use device that you can easily perform at the comfort of your own home. Therefore, in order to remove hair from a particular part of your body through Tria laser hair removal, you may need to undergo between four to six sessions. This type of therapy can also be used in order to remove thick, coarser hair.

With advancements in technology, different types of lasers are being introduced in order to cater to the specific hair and skin colour as well as density. Women often have second thoughts about going for this treatment in order to remove hair from the bikini area.

One major plus point of this type of tria laser hair removal treatment is that it checks irritation as well as growth of folliculate, which leads to inflammation of hair follicles. As a latest technique laser hair removal is quick and less painful, though you may have to undergo a number of sessions.

In case you want to do away with your back hair, you can consider opting for Tria laser hair removal. As compared to other types of treatments, tria laser hair removal therapy can provide you a more lasting solution. Waxing the back for hair removal can take quite a few weeks. But this is not the case with laser surgery. It causes no irritation to the skin either.

Tria Hair Removal Advantages – Tria Hair Removal

As of December 2009, the Tria hair removal system was the sole FDA-approved laser system for home use. The system is actually a miniature version of the modern in-office laser hair removal technology which guarantees permanent elimination of body hair after eight treatments.

The Tria hair removal system actually boasts a myriad of benefits.


With this system, people no longer need to worry about shaving or waxing every few days since the product yields long-lasting results. It takes some time before hair completely stops growing, but rest assured, hair re-growth takes place at a slower pace while completing treatment.


This type of laser hair removal also lowers a person’s chances of developing ingrown hair and rough skin.


Tria hair removal system provides easily comprehensible instructions that assist users to effectively perform the procedure.


Treatments usually last only for a few minutes and if performed once a month.


The revolutionary technology brings laser hair removal treatments out of the doctor’s office. Simply put, the system allows removal of unwanted hair in the privacy and convenience of your own home.


The Tria hair removal system yields permanent results at a fraction of the cost of expensive professional laser treatments.


Approved by the FDA, the system is safe to use at home and is sure to deliver results similar to other professionally-performed laser treatments. To this day, the product remains to be the only FDA-approved home laser removal treatment.


Since the system uses tried and tested diode laser technology which targets and permanently disables hair follicles, hair re-growth is completely halted.


Partnering with leading dermatologists, Tria conducted extensive clinical studies which revealed up to 70% less hair re-growth after just two treatments. This proves that permanent results are indeed easily achievable with the product. If treatment is performed every two weeks, permanent results will be seen within 6 months.

Many people may not be aware, but there are actually a lot of reasons for people to love the Tria hair removal system. To try and buy one might be a good solution to your unwanted hair growth problems. There’s actually no harm on trying, who knows you might just enjoy the perks the product has to offer.

How To Use Tria – Tria Hair Removal

Using the TRIA Hair Removal Laser is generally quick and easy. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to pull off satisfying results.

Step #1: Shave off

Shaving the area to ensure that there isn’t any hair above the skin’s surface is the initial step of the process. This is important because laser zaps hurt more than necessary when hairs are not cut close down the surface.

A close shave is possible if one will use a good shaving gel or cream and a new razor rather than an electric razor. After shaving, wash the area thoroughly and pat skin dry.

Step #2: Check skin tone

Using the TRIA Hair Removal Laser on dark toned skin can cause blisters, scarring, or burns. Hence, users are advised to check their skin’s tone through a skin sensor before using the product.

The user should ensure that before the button is pressed, the sensor is firmly placed against the skin to be treated. A green light appears when skin is light to medium in tone, while a red light signals that the skin is heavily toned.

Step #3: Turn on the product

Turn TRIA on by pressing the large bottom button. The front portion of green-lit skin sensor should be waved over the panel. After hearing a series of beeps, the top light on the panel will turn off indicating that the product is already unlocked and ready for use.

Step #4: Setting selection

To choose a setting, the large circle button should be pressed. TRIA now have 5 settings (it used to have only 3), with the highest setting giving off the most amount of heat for ultimate hear reducing results.

Step #5: Application

The at home laser should be applied horizontally (right and left) before using it vertically (up and down). Overlapping strokes up to ¼ inch is recommended to avoid missing spots.

Step #6: Be aware

Two beeps heard in succession will signal users that hair removal in an area is completed. When you hear a buzz rather than a second beep, the product is telling you that laser treatment was not completely successful in that section of the skin.

Step #7: Follow manufacturer suggestions The company advises users to use TRIA Hair Removal Laser twice a month for the first 3 months, followed by monthly treatments for the succeeding 3-5 months.

Remember, the Food and Drugs Association has recognized the TRIA Hair Removal Laser for its permanent hair reduction ability, rather than permanent hair removal.

For Whom Is It Recommended?

This Tria Hair Removal system is applicable only to those who are light in colour. It’s not for darker complexion.

Final Thoughts On Tria Hair Removal Product

In order to check the quality of treatment that clinics such as Tria provide, it would be wise on your part to get details about the equipments they use as well as the background of their doctors. Also find out the areas of laser surgery they specialize in. This will not just ensure that you get a good treatment, but also look more presentable than before.