Surgi-Cream Hair Remover Extra Gentle Formula For Face

Surgi-Cream Extra Gentle for Face is a quick, effective and gentle way to remove facial hair from upper lip, cheeks and chin. Product works in as little as 4 minutes. Extra gentle formula now features Maple Honey, known for helping skin retain moisture. With Surgi-Cream, the hair removal, process is even more kind and gentle on the delicate skin of your face.

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Following Are The Benefits:

1. America’s #1 facial depilatory

2. Specifically formulated for those with sensitive skin

3. Gently removes hair from upper lip, cheek and chin in just 5-8 minutes

4. Formula also contains soothing Aloe Vera and Cucumber to soothe and moisturize

5. Pleasant fresh scent that does not smell like a depilatory

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Surgi cream Hair Remover Extra Gentle Formula For Face

Surgi Cream Hair Remover- For Face