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Nose Hair Removal

Nose Hair Removal

Nose Hair Removal the Easy Way

Growing up is one of the greatest stage in our lives. We can find wonderful changes in our body or even in our personality that will make ourselves recognize who we really are. Nevertheless, there are also instances in this stage that make us feel shame and uncomfortable.

The unwanted growth of hair in our body, such as the armpits, upper lip, chest, sensitive parts, and even worse on our nose is truly inevitable.

Excessive hair in our body makes us feel the biggest shame that we might ever feel. For every problem there is a solution, we can find the denouement to this problem even in our homes. In this article, you can find the different ways to eliminate this problem without hassling.

Waxes, Tweezers, Shavers or creams might be the help that you need. Waxes have two kinds the Strip wax and the hard wax. Strip wax is the wax provided in a strip. You can simply use it without sweating out. Hard wax is the wax made from beeswax or honey. It is heated in a microwave and applied with a paper strip for convenience. This kind of nose hair removal is also perfect for underarm hair, chest hair and even upper lip hair.

Tweezers or scissors are the ideal hair removal for the excessive nose hair. They are also the most traditional way of nose hair removal that we can easily find them in the market without spending too much. But be careful of what you buy, make sure that you picked the safest items. I can suggest that you choose the sterile items to avoid infections.

Creams and Shavers are ideal for nose hair remover and upper lip hair. Use them together to give you immediate removal for chest hair and upper lip hair. Make sure that you regularly change your shavers, to avoid rust and infections.

These three things might help a lot in order to make you look good as you want it. But they require a lot of your time to maintain it. Regular application in at least three times a week is required for you to conserve the look that you wanted.

There is a permanent alternative that will eliminate these problems. Laser therapy is what I mean. This therapy is the perfect solution to eliminate the growth of the unwanted hair in your body. It uses laser to kill the hair follicles which are the roots of the hair. It might give you pain but in return is a lifetime pleasure. It also requires sessions depending on your need. This therapy might cost you a lot because of the advanced technology that it is using.

Unwanted hair growth is a big turn off. Nevertheless, the hair removal ways had spread all over the world and it is easy to find solutions.

More Tips On How To Use Nose Hair Removal Cream

Most hair removal creams are chemical-based and therefore, they are not recommended to be used on your nose. They have strong fumes that may cause nausea or dizziness. However, those who need to remove unwanted hair on the nose can use a natural hair removal cream that may be odour-free and safe for sensitive areas.

Read the label of your chosen hair removal cream before you decide to use it on your nose hairs. Many different hair removal creams are not advisable to be used on the face as they may cause possible irritation to your eyes, sinus cavities and irritation to the mucous membranes. There’s also a chance of the removal cream leaking from your nostrils in to your mouth.

While most hair removal creams are made with mildly harsh chemicals, there are also some that are made with natural ingredients. Look for these products as they are the best to use on your nose hair. They are effective and definitely safe. This is the kind of hair removal cream that contain chamomile, lemon juice, boswellia and aloe Vera. They are surely available in natural vitamin and herb stores and in beauty supply stores.

Since the hair removal creams can only get rid of 80 to 90 percent of unwanted hair, you need to use this depilatory cream together with other hair removal method like waxing, shaving or plucking. The truth is, the safe and effective hair removal cream that will work on its own has not been developed yet.

Use your finger to gently apply the removal cream in your nose. Make sure that your finger is wrapped is a small, warm and wet washcloth. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes as the removal cream softens the nose hair. Use a dry washcloth to remove the cream.

When using a pair of tweezers to remove your nose hair, make sure that you will not pull out too much hair at once because this will cause excessive pain. Remove the nose hairs that are only visible to others. Never remove the nose hairs that deeply reside in your nostrils.

When applying wax cream, make sure to do it after you have used the hair removal cream. This is to ensure that the hairs that you will remove were already soft. Apply the warm wax using a cotton swab and insert it in your nostrils. Wait for the wax to cool down and then remove the cotton swab in an abrupt motion. This will help you quickly remove the nose hairs.

Your nose hairs are very sensitive and they perform important functions so make sure to be very careful when removing them.

Additionally, you do not need to remove the hairs that are not visible to others. Remember that you are removing the nose hair to help keep you look neat and presentable. There is no need to apply hair removal cream on those hairs that are in your nostrils.

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