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Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction

A Cosmetic Surgeons Can Provide Laser Hair Reduction On All Skin Types

Every man and woman is able to make unwanted facial hair a thing of the past and forget about painful razors, waxing, and electrolysis. There are laser hair removal systems that are non-invasive and are specifically designed to remove undesired hair from the majority of the body. These systems generate intense long-pulsed light through an actively-cooled hand piece to effectively disable any unwanted pigment from hair follicles. To most effectively treat hair removal, you must have the hair treated during the growth cycle. These will be in approximately six week intervals.

Many people wonder just how many treatments will be required for hair reduction. The answer is that the number of treatments is affected by the density of the hair, the area, and the cycle of hair growth. There are additional factors such as weight, ethnicity, age, some medications, metabolism, and hormone fluctuation. The experiences of many cosmetic surgeons suggest four to eight treatments spaced four to twelve weeks apart.

Some people wonder if darker skin types can be safely treated with laser hair removal and the answer is with a proper skin assessment and typing made by an experienced technician. He or she will incorporate the use of longer pulse widths. Also preliminary testing will be done on test areas. This will allow for darker skin types to be treated.

The laser itself works by selectively targeting melanin inside hair follicles. Heat is generated at the root of the hair which destroys the hair without causing damage. This procedure will be painful for some and painless for others. Some areas that are treated are much more sensitive than others. Most patients will only feel a mild stinging sensation, and typically this will occur at locations with dense hair growth. The procedure is very safe under the supervision of a physician. The best physician will be properly trained in laser technique and safety.

The length of a laser hair reduction treatment will be determined by the size of the area being treated as well as the density of the hair growth. A small area may require only fifteen minutes while a larger area may take up to an hour or longer. The price of treatment will vary depending on the site that will be treated as well as the estimated length that the treatment will take.

After the procedure, one may feel a mild swelling or see slight redness. This can last from a few minutes up to two days. The length of that will be decided by the coarseness of the hair. Typically, a patient will return to their regular routine immediately. The use of an adequate sun blocks of SPF 30 or higher is required for proper care. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with additional information on how to properly care for your skin.

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair removal process is a process in which a doctor applies a low-energy laser to the skin where the patient’s hair follicles are located. It works by sending intense pulsating light (IPL) down the hairs and burning out the follicle. One has to undergo several treatments, so that hair doesn’t grow back again.

In most of the cases, the hair removal is not permanent and the hair grows back due to the carelessness of the people as they need to take maintenance treatments every year, but they do not care about it and then suffer.

Laser hair removal is growing very popular these days. This technique is usually misunderstood as permanent hair removal system, but actually it is a hair reduction therapy. The laser technology was developed in the mid-seventies. But, now it’s getting common among people.

Melanin is a compound that gives out hair and skins its colour. The melanin is targeted and the laser is directed into the follicle and it thus destroys it. The laser therapy was not earlier considered suitable for dark hairs on fair skin. But, now even the red hair can be treated which were once considered to be untreatable.

The type of a skin a person is having and the colour of his hair determines how suitable a person is for laser hair removal. It’s easy to undergo laser treatment if the patient is light skinned dark haired. But, the problem occurs if the patient is dark skinned or light haired as the laser cannot easily distinguish between the hair and skin when such conditions exist.

Different kinds of lasers are used for different skin/hair combination like:

Ruby: This is an outdated hair removal system as its side effects like burning or pigment changes were very severe for people who did not have white skin.

Alexandrite: This is the most effective treatment, but it is suitable only for the fair skin.

Pulsed Diode Array: This is close to infra red light which is expanding the skin type to a medium coloured skin.

Ned YAG laser: This is suitable for all skin colours, but there is no evidence which could prove that it has long lasting effects.

Laser hair removal technology can reduce the amount of hair growth to a great extent in people with the right hair/skin colour combination. It is a fast, painless and inexpensive process. It is a long-lasting permanent hair reduction method and more suitable than other hair removal methods like as shaving, waxing, or electrolysis.

The time-duration for this process depends upon the size of the area that is undergoing laser treatment. Small areas require lesser time duration while larger areas require more time-period. The time-duration is not too long as it makes the patient uncomfortable.

After the treatment, one is offered ice or other methods for cooling the skin as it reduces any discomfort and minimizes redness and swelling if any due to treatment. Then, it is recommended not to wax or pluck the areas that have been treated.

The number of sittings required to gain permanent hair reduction differ from patient to patient and also upon the area to be treated. For the people with darker skin and lighter hair, generally more sessions are required. But, for the people with light skin and dark hair, lesser sessions are required.

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