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How To Remove Hair Tangles?

How To Remove Hair Tangles

Hair tangles can break hair and damage it; thus ruining your chances of growing your hair or promoting healthy hair. However, if tangles are prevented and removed properly, then it is much less likely for the hair to break and cause split ends or come out.

Detangling Spray/Cream/Gels – These are a great way to remove tangles easily, they help to make the hair easier to comb and detangling, a little bit is required otherwise the hair can become greasy, use a dollop of the product onto the hair. To apply the product, rub your finger through the length of the hair this will make the knots and tangles easier to remove.

Wide Comb – Using a wide comb brush through your hair after applying the product, this should be done in a special way. Separate the hair into sections using the wide comb so you can detangle a bit at a time, this will speed up the process and it gentle to your hair.

Clip the other sections away from the hair you are combing. Start with the bottom of the hair, use the wide comb and start combing through the hair slowly working your way to the top of the hair, this will remove the knots and tangles.

If you start at the top the tangles will clump in the middle or towards the bottom because you are getting the tangled hair and putting them together, this will lead to hair breakage and the hair will fall off especially if it tangles extremely badly. When you’ve done this clip it up and start on another piece until you’ve de-tangled your whole hair.

Keep them at bay – If your hair is always getting tangled, put it into buns, this will protect your hair and also make sure that you do not get tangles all the time. Furthermore, before washing hair comb the hair to keep them at bay.

During washing, do not scrub at the hair in all directions when conditioning but in a downwards direction to keep the tangles at bay, here, it is best to use a wide comb and start from the bottom to the top combing out the hair and making sure there will be less tangles. When drying the hair, put it into a bun, this will not create tangles and will smoothen the hair.

Removing hair tangles will be much easier with the above steps, make sure to prevent the tangles from occurring as much as possible though!

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