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How To Remove Hair Bonding Glue?

How To Remove Hair Bonding Glue

Hair bonding glue is usually used when applying “tracks” directly to the head or on a wig cap. Although it is one of the most inexpensive methods of applying a hair weave, the cost to natural hair can be detrimental, making the use of hair bonding glue potentially not worth it.

In addition to the glue being a pain to remove, if not removed properly the glue will leave a sticky residual on the hair, which can cause hair damage, and possibly cause hair to fall out. To prevent this outcome, there are several ways to ensure hair bonding glue is completely removed and to guarantee that natural hair remains safe and healthy.

Hair bonding glue remover shampoo is sold in most stores, and is applied just as a regular shampoo would be. Wet hair and massage the remover shampoo into the hair focusing mainly on the scalp until the tracks begin to loosen up. When the tracks are loose enough they will slide out gently with a small tug.

Once all of the tracks are out, rinse hair, then shampoo and condition hair with whatever other products are available. After the conditioner is out, all hair glue should be removed. If there is still some residual hair glue left on the hair or scalp, use oil sheen or hair oil to saturate the area. Then, whatever residuals are left you should comb out easily.

If hair bonding glue remover shampoo is not available, or if just looking for an inexpensive option to remove hair bonding glue, there is a product that can be helpful that is found in most kitchens.

Olive Oil is very helpful in removing hair glue, although it can be messy. For this method of removal, in addition to the olive oil, a towel should be draped on the shoulders, and a comb should be handy. Saturate each track one by one in olive oil, massaging along the way.

Once tracks are saturated, they should slide out quickly. For the tracks that are a little harder to remove, just add a little more olive oil and continue to massage scalp. Once all of the tracks are removed, comb hair thoroughly. If there residual glue on the hair or scalp, it should all be out after a shampoo and conditioner treatment.

A lot of people stay away from hair bonding glue because of the effects on the hair when not taken care of and removed properly, but, by following these tips, removal of hair bonding glue should never be a problem again.

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