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How To Remove Colour From Your Hair?

How To Remove Colour From Your Hair

You cannot remove a tint with a tint. The only way to remove colour from hair is with commercial products used to remove penetrating tints. Always follow the directions precisely when using these products. These products are tint or colour removers that have been formulated to diffuse the pigment and may be mixed with hydrogen peroxide. Before using the products, your hair needs to be checked for damage or dryness and a conditioning program should be performed before using the colour remover to prevent further damage.

Damaged hair can be caused by blow drying, wind, harsh shampoos, or hair that has been over processed by the use hair chemicals. Build up of hair spray and styling agents can cause problems. Hair should be clean properly and prepared prior to colour removal.

After the colour removal, process the hair should again be conditioned so the porosity of the hair can be evened before applying more colours. A waiting period is recommended before applying any chemicals to the hair.

It is not recommended to perform this procedure yourself. You need a professional hair colourist who can accurately assess hair damage and recommend a proper colour remover. If the hair colour is extremely dark, hair damage can occur when using the colour removal chemicals. Always let your colourist know what you have done or put on your hair. If you are planning to do it yourself you need to educate yourself regarding the chemicals you will be using and have someone help you.

After you have pre-conditioned your hair prior to using the colour remover; then after you have removed the colour you need to normalize the hair PH with a finishing rinse. Wait until you have reconditioned the hair before any more chemicals are put on the hair.

How do you determine if hair is damaged? Hair is damaged if it is over-porous, brittle and dry, has breakage caused by no elasticity or give, colour absorbs or fades very rapidly, when wet it has a spongy feeling, or if the hair shaft feels rough and you can see split ends. Any of these conditions present can cause problems unless you pre-condition your hair before a treatment and after.

Always use quality hair products that have been formulated to use with various chemical treatments. Your hair colourist can recommend such products. It is a good practice to either condition your hair at home with a leave in treatment or make an appointment at your salon for a conditioning treatment between chemical appointments.

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