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How To Reduce Laser Hair Removal Pain?

How To Reduce Laser Hair Removal Pain

For the sake of beauty, most women are willing to bear the pain it takes when they are having removal of hair. There are various methods of hair removal which range from painful to painless procedure. The laser hair removal is preferred because it is painless and fast way to eliminate the unwanted hair.

The level pain in laser hair removal is very little. But there are a few factors which determine how painful the laser hair removal for every person is. The pain will depend on the person who is undergoing the procedure.

The skin sensitivity is the main factor which causes some pain during the process. The area treated is also the factor which also contributes to pain. For example, the pubic area is very sensitive place. That is why; it is painful for those who are sensitive to pain. However, the pain is still tolerable.

Compared to other hair removal procedure, the laser hair removal procedure is the most comfortable one. The laser equipment used is also the important factor which may or may not cause pain during the process. The laser equipment is constantly improved and the latest equipment is usually less painful compared to the old ones. This is some way in decreasing the chance of getting pain in laser hair removal treatment.

If the pain is unbearable during the laser hair removal treatment, one way to reduce the pain is after the procedure is done. By using topical anaesthetic, you can get the pain reduced. The anaesthetic will be applied to the skin area treated. The over the counter medicine is widely used for this.

The relax manner is also recommended to eliminate the pain during the laser hair removal treatment. It is important to remember that it is better to wear comfortable procedure. And try to think of other thing rather than focus on the procedure. Think about happy times or calming situation. It is important to keep area treated away from sun exposure.

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