Hair Removal Methods

Hair Removal Methods

Top Common Methods of Hair Removal

There are lot hair removal methods that can be chosen by women with excessive hair. Shaving, tweezing, waxing, gels, lotions, bleaching, trimming, using creams, electrolysis and laser hair removal are effective means to get rid of unwanted hair. Various criteria apply including what is economical, convenient, long lasting, or least painful! Here are some details about the most popular methods of hair removal.

1. Waxing

Threading and waxing are two most common terms associated with women’s beautification of her. Both these two treatments are ways of getting rid of unwanted facial hair, either above the lip or in chin, near eyebrows or on the entire face. These days’ facial waxes have been introduced in markets to provide women with a much desired clean and smooth face.

2. Sugaring

Sugaring is also a method that is used for hair removal permanently. The difference is the sugar paste instead of wax for removal. Whether a person is using waxing or sugaring, he is advised to use a hair growth inhibitor after the removal of hairs to prevent hair growth or to slow down the growth of hairs.

Sugaring solutions are preferred by some as they contain natural ingredients unlike waxing solutions. They are suitable for nearly all areas of the body and results can last from 3 to 6 weeks. 3. Laser Facial Hair Removal

Laser hair removal procedure is a great option for people with light coloured skin and having dark hair. Laser treatment can make colour of the hair lighter and the texture after few treatments.

Use depilatory creams, gels or lotions. These contain a chemical that alters the structure of the hair and so makes it much easier to remove. These are certainly one of the cheapest ways for the removal of facial hair. Not only is it inexpensive, it can also be done in the privacy of your own home and is usually pain free.

4. Facial Hair Removal Cream

A good hair removal cream might the best way to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

5. Shaving

Shaving is the most common method of facial hair removal for women and men. This quick, easy fix does not require doctor’s visits or plucking. Although you may shave your legs and armpits, it isn’t a good idea to shave your face. Of course men choose this method because it is fast and easy, but it results in thicker and darker re-growth of hair, and also stubble. Although stubble might look good on a man, it certainly isn’t attractive on a woman!

6. Tweezing

Most of the females generally used tweezing to get rid of the facial hair. This method is not suitable of all sorts of facial hair; you can use it only for eyebrows. This method is really painful and pretty time consuming as well. If used frequently then this method may result in damaging the skin as well.

7. Electrolysis

Electrolysis is low-level electricity that is passed through the hair follicle to obliterate it. By burning the hair follicle, hair will not breed again but require time as each hair is destroyed separately. To achieve effective results, you will probably need many years of recurring treatment and money outlay although it is by far one of the best solutions to eradicate facial hair, in particular the eyebrows and upper lips. To get the desired result, always engage a licensed professional to do it.

8. Sprays and Creams

Sprays and creams can also be applied if shaving and waxing doesn’t appeal to you. Before you use one of these products, make sure that you apply a small patch onto the surface of your skin to see how well the chemicals react to it. If there are no signs of irritation, then feel free to apply it to areas of the body where hair removal is needed.

9. Bleaching

Bleaching is not a method of hair removal, but many women use bleaching as an inexpensive method of disguising the presence of unwanted hair by removing the hair’s natural pigment. Common sites for bleaching include the upper lip, beard area, and arms.

The active ingredients in over-the-counter bleaching agents are hydrogen peroxide and sulphates as activating agents, a combination that bleaches, softens, and oxidizes hair. A variety of commercial bleaches are available, and the manufacturer’s instructions are easy to follow. As with chemical depilatories, perform a small patch test to assess for allergic reaction.

Hair Removal Methods Disadvantages

There are several other options for removing unwanted hair or excessive hair from your body besides laser hair removal, yet they are all temporary alternatives and never really address the problem fully.

Shaving versus Laser Hair Removal

Shaving is the most inexpensive and common way to remove unwanted hair, but it is ultimately time consuming and tricky at best, where trying to shave your own back is a feat in itself. In addition, it is easy to nick one and there is always the potential to create ingrown hairs when shaving against the grain.

Depilatory Cream versus Laser Hair Removal

Depilatory cream is a clever method for removing unwanted hair and is relatively inexpensive at a few dollars per tube. However, the results of using depilatory cream are about as temporary as shaving, where the hair will always grow back within a few days without fail, meaning you will have to continually buy the cream and apply for as long as you want hair-free skin.

Waxing versus Laser Hair Removal

Waxing is a fast and effective way of removing unwanted or excessive hair and each treatment will keep you relatively hair-free for about six weeks. The downsides are that the treatment has to be repeated when the hair re-grows, making long-term waxing expensive; waxing is also painful, especially on certain parts of the body. The average price of treatment to wax a back is about $50; so figure on $500 per year, every year.

Electrolysis versus Laser Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the only real competitor to laser hair removal as permanent hair reduction is the result in many cases. Electrolysis for hair removal works by sending an electro-chemical pulse via a needle onto each hair follicle one at a time. The big downside to electrolysis hair removal is that the process is painfully slow and also expensive to boot. It may take 100 hours to treat a hairy back using electrolysis at an average of $100 per hour.

Arm Hair Removal Methods

There are several different options you have for removing the hair from your arms. The simplest way to remove the hair from your arms is by shaving it off. This can be accomplished with a safety razor and shave gel but it will need to be done at regular intervals otherwise the hair will soon grow back and it can come in harder than before.

There are different types of arm hair removal cream, also called depilatory creams that are on the marketplace. Remember that each person’s skin will react differently to hair removal products so what may have worked for your friend or neighbour might not necessarily work for you. Be sure to test a small area of the skin first to see how your skin and hair reacts to it before trying it all over your body.

A third option for arm hair removal for women is by arm waxing. While there arm hair removal waxing kits that you can use at home, you might want to visit a salon or hair removal centre the first few times to see if the process is going to meet your needs for getting rid of arm hair.

How to remove arm hair permanently

There are two different types of methods for trying to permanently remove the arm hair that you have. That is through laser arm hair removal or electrolysis. There are pros and cons to trying to go with a type of permanent arm hair removal method, because you need to consider the number of treatments that laser treatment or electrolysis will require, as well as the cost of arm hair removal as well as the amount of pain or discomfort that you might have to endure going through each of the sessions.

Arm hair removal products

As mentioned above, there are several different types of arm hair removal products that you can try to use if you want to explore cheaper alternatives to laser hair removal. Typically, most women try Veet Hair Removal or Nair Hair Remover products in order to get rid of arm hair. Be sure to read the instructions if you try one of these or other products to get the most effective use of the application. If not, you may find yourself getting rashes or other types of skin irritation. Try it in a smaller area first before going all out with using it all over the body to see how the skin will react.

As you can see there are many different options for arm hair removal so there is no reason not to give your skin the right kind of look that you want it to have. Always keep in your head that though there are many arm hair solutions, each of them will work different for other people so if something or some product does not work for you at first, don’t give up, you just need to keep trying other alternatives until you find one that helps remove the unsightly arm hair once and for all.

Hair Removal Methods

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