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Hair Removal Machine

Hair Removal Machine

The demands of modern fashion and the sensibilities of the contemporary style scene have created a large and ever-growing market for hair removal techniques, and this in turn has prompted laboratories and companies to devise an ever-wider range of hair removal devices that both the professional aestheticians and the home user can employ. These machines remove unwanted hair in a variety of different ways, each offering advantages and disadvantages and having a unique set of strengths and drawbacks.

One of the oldest hair-removing machines on the market is the electrolysis machine. This device functions by sliding a thin wire into each individual hair follicle and killing the hair’s root with a tiny discharge of electricity.

Electrolysis tends to be extremely time-consuming – for example, removing a beard and moustache can require two to four years of painstaking labour – but it is also the only method which is invariably effective at permanently removing hair. Any other method leaves at least some chance of partial re-growth, but electrolysis is certain to permanently kill hair.

Home electrolysis machines are now available, and can cost as low as $200 or even slightly less when discounted. Their use is supposedly fairly painless, and the results, as noted above, are essentially guaranteed, but the potential user should also be aware that great patience is an asset using these devices.

Laser machines are another technological hair removal device, although they are a much more recent entrant into the lists of mechanical hair removal. Originally, only bulky professional-grade machines costing tens of thousands of dollars were available, and these still remain the most powerful and flexible laser epilation devices.

However, many companies now offer small, cheap, handheld laser hair removers, designed specifically for the home user. These lasers work by heating the stubble that remains in the follicles after shaving, and thus tend to work best with light skin and dark hair. Cooling gel may be necessary to prevent minor burns on those with sensitive skin.

The primary advantage of laser over electrolysis is that they treat multiple follicles at once, making laser epilation a far faster process than the hair-by-hair removal of the older machine. Laser-removed hair is often permanently gone, but sometimes it grows back more sparsely after several months or years, which is one of the major downsides to laser-based machines.

New, experimental hair removal machines are also present in the market now, offering an alternative to the potentially painful electrolysis and laser methods. These hand-held devices feature a metal ‘comb’ at one ends which heats and cuts the hair at the same time. Repeated use of the device gradually kills the follicle with heat, either making hair finer and sparser or completely eliminating it, without the need for the extreme slowness of electrolysis or the potential pain of laser treatment.

In short, the modern consumer who wishes to remove unsightly hair has several different choices of hair removal machines, each with its own benefits and problems. Undoubtedly, more machines will continue to be invented as time goes on, increasing the options even further, but even now, the three main types of machine offer the home user a good selection of different ways to combat undesirable hair.

The Best Laser Hair Removal Machine Is Waiting for You!

Laser Hair removal treatment is your solution to all those tiring temporary hair removal methods you are using such as waxing or shaving. This method is one of the most commonly used cosmetic procedures in U.S. This treatment is used for permanent hair reduction (not permanent hair removal) on any part of the body including bikini area, under arms, legs and face. It is considered as a safe, virtually painless and an efficient technique for hair removal.

Originally, the procedure is available only for dark hair on light skin but now with several new advancements it has broadened its reach to the patients with darker skin or light colour hair. There are several institutions and centres that offer specialized laser hair removal techniques with the best laser hair removal machine according to your skin type on an outpatient basis.

What is the mechanism of action of the treatment?

Laser hair removal system consists of a concentrated beam of light which penetrates into the hair follicles and the hair within that follicle. Hair grows in three different phases; i.e. growing, regression and resting. As hair is different in each stage, multiple treatment sessions are required to get the hair in the growth phase more effective treatment.

The main principle behind the laser hair removal is that it causes localized damage by selectively targeting melanin, in the hair follicle while not affecting the rest of the skin. Laser energy is absorbed by the dark material with more intensity and rapidly. Because of this selective absorption laser works better with dark hair. The number of treatment sessions varies with the age, hormone levels, colour of the hair, location of the hair, etc.

Why be Hairless?

– Firstly it is suitable to both men and women who wants their unwanted hair removed. It is commonly done on underarms, upper and lower lip, ear lobe, nose, hairline, breast, legs, arms, etc.

– It is safe, secure and efficient. This could lead permanent reduction of hair in that particular area and lasts for a long time. Some patients may need some touch up treatments once or twice in a year after the basic treatment.

– It frees you from the hassles of repeatedly removing unwanted hair from time to time. It may not give you a completely smooth skin forever but there will surely be less shaving and waxing. Mostly lasers can reduce the hair counts from 50 to 80 percent.

– Sometimes the hair growth and hair removal are the required for the treatment but only for few days.

– Laser treatment sessions are not at all time consuming. It takes for about an hour.

– It can be taken on larger areas, for example: legs, back and chest.

– It can be fits to any body part such as face, bikini or other sensitive parts.

– It also reduces the chances of any ingrown hair by almost 80%.

– Due to hair removal creams, waxing or shaving, sometimes your skin develops discoloration. The chances of this are negligible after using laser treatment and number of hair are reduced permanently.

– The technique is quite precise than the others.

– The technique is less painful than other methods especially electrolysis.

– This also gives a great emotional and psychological advantage to those who were embarrassed with their unwanted hair but after the treatment are confident and comfortable with their body.

– The treatment seems pretty expensive at first but it actually saves a lot of money in a long run which we spend on waxing, shaving and other cheaper solutions.

The Cons

– Laser hair removal system is based on the principle of targeting the skin pigmentation at the hair follicle, so the patients with dark hair and light skin will get better results than the others.

– Temporary skin irritation including pink skin, redness and swelling in the treatment area and discoloration are some of the side effects of the laser treatment. But other temporary hair removal methods also cause the same problems including shaving.

– In some cases there may be a crust formation although it subsides with the application of moisturizer.

– It could affect a person’s vision due to the intense laser beam, if the eyes are not properly covered.

– In very rare cases some individuals suffer from new hair growth.

– The treatment should be avoided if you are sensitive to sunlight.

– The treatment mostly reactivates the cold sores. In such a case take a doctor’s advice before joining the treatment.

– Some times temporary blisters also develop on the skin.

– Although the laser hair removal treatment requires you to spend money only a single time. But it is still quite expensive and you may need to attend few more touch up sessions after the initial treatment. Not everyone can afford it.

How To Prepare For The Treatment?

Although there are several advantages as well as disadvantages of the treatment but if performed efficiently and with precision the results would be favourable. Most of the patients find this treatment worth the risk.

Proper precautions should be taken. List of some are given as under:

– First you should know what to expect from the treatment based on your skin type.

– Choose a reputed institute with a trained technician. Check thoroughly the credentials of the institution and its staff.

– Make sure that you wear proper eye protection.

– Limit the plucking and waxing six weeks before the commencement of the treatment.

– Avoid sun exposure for at least a month as it makes hair removal less effective.

What Is The Best Laser Hair Removal Machine For You?

Just like choosing the best institute for the treatment is important, being aware of the whether the laser you are using the best laser hair removal machine for you or not, is also important. This plays a very important role in making the results more effective.

Here is the list of the some best laser hair removal machines in the market:

1. Candela: This brand is in the market since 1970 and has earned a good reputation in the field of laser technology. It consists of Dynamic Cooling device for patient safety and comfort. The two premier products of this brand are listed below:

– GentleLASE – It provides comfort, fast and efficient results. In addition to it also treats hyper pigmentation, hypo pigmentation and wrinkles.

– GentleYAG – Its primary feature is that it is capable of treating all skin types including people with dark skin colour. It is also used for skin tightening, facial and leg veins.

2. Lumenis: It offers its product LightSheer Diode Laser which most popular and used worldwide. It works well for fair skinned patients as well as to safely treat tanned patients.

3. Laserscope: Its product Lira Nd: YAG is the used for the treatment of patients with dark hair and skin as African-Americans. It is less efficient for lighter hair.

The Most Common Laser Hair Removal Machines

With the huge popularity of laser hair removal techniques today, the number and variety of laser hair removal machines have also increased. Being a permanent method of hair removal, the laser method is much in demand. As such, laser hair removal machines that can be used safely at home are also available.

The Ruby laser:

One of the oldest laser hair removal machines available today, the ruby laser is a machine that can be used to reduce hair production in fairer skin types. Compared to some other laser hair removal machines, the ruby laser is relatively pain-free and long lasting.

Another advantage of the ruby laser is the presence of a built-in cooling system that reduces the risk of burns and any other side effects during the process. However, this laser hair removal machine can only be used on fair skin with darker hair colour. Other skin types have a considerable risk from using this laser. Moreover, it can only treat a small area at a time, and its slow repetition rates may make the process longer.

Diode laser:

This laser hair removal machine is one of the most widely used, with its ability to function on fair skin types and other skin types to a certain extent, especially skin types ranging from 1 to 4. Like its name suggests, the diode laser machine makes use of small diodes or what are called semiconductors, which can be put together to produce rays of light. It is also approved safe for use, and is very effective for long term hair removal.

The main advantage of this laser hair removal machine is its higher wavelength when compared to others. Its deeper penetration ability and larger target area adds to its popularity.

Light-based laser machines:

The intense pulsed light or IPL laser hair removal machines are today among the most commonly used laser machines. Used particularly for the face and eyebrow areas, the IPL process is effective in long lasting hair removal. A high frequency light ray is directly targeted into the hair shaft, depleting moisture from hair follicles. These causes the hair cells to dry up and eventually die, ensuring that the hair does not grow back again. The IPL machine is considered the safest available today for laser hair removal, and it allows for rapid hair removal over larger areas. Moreover, it is a painless and comfortable machine to use.

Nd YAG laser machine:

The Nd YAG laser hair removal machine is one of the few machines that can be used for hair removal on darker skin types. With most machines focusing on fairer skin, this hair removal machine has the ability to work on both fairer and darker skin types. The Nd YAG can deliver light in two different wavelengths, including an infrared light to enable deep penetration.

The only possible drawback of the Ng YAG laser hair removal machines is that it isn’t as effectively used on fine hair, and in some cases, it does not give long-lasting hair removal. So, with so many kinds of laser hair removal machines available, take your pick in getting that flawless skin.

What You Can Do With Microdermabrasion Machines

What can you do when you have microdermabrasion machines? If you have a salon, chances are that you have heard that there are microdermabrasion machines for sale and want to know whether or not to get them for your salon. You may be tempted to get them but wonder just who will want these services. There are all sorts of IPL machines out there and they can be used for all sorts of beauty treatments. When you want one that will provide the best facials, then you want to use the best equipment.

When looking for a microdermabrasion machine for sale Australia, then you want to be sure that you find one that will be able to provide a good service and one that is affordable. You should look for a site online that has these items for sale.

Of course, the price is going to be a factor, it is in any business, but you have to look at this as an investment. This is an investment into your shop. The more you put into your salon or beauty shop, the more you will get out of it. You have to them market this service to those who frequent the shop.

One way to figure out just who will be using the new treatments is to take a look at the existing clientele. If you tend to have a lot of young people, then you might want to take a look at the IPL machines that can provide tattoo removal. Many young people today tend to get a tattoo. Unfortunately, many of them regret that they got this tattoo and then want to get it removed. This is possible when there is a laser machine to do the job.

Those who have a variety of customers, young and old will want to offer the service of microdermabrasion. This is ideal for all skin types and can get rid of wrinkles as well as marks that are caused by blemishes. Even young people, those who may be prone to blemishes, will usually want to get this type of service because they want to have younger looking skin. This is something for everyone but because of the cost of the treatment, which does not have to be astronomical but is a lot more than a haircut, you may want to offer this in a more upscale salon.

Any salon can benefit from offering the latest beauty treatments. Those who are going to salons will go to those that have the best equipment as well as the best treatments. You can build your salon as well as maintain the existing clients that you have by offering the latest beauty treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Device

Laser hair reduction technique is among the most common modern hair removal methods. Today, there are many laser devices in the market but they all use the same technology. These devices deliver heat or laser energy to the area where the unwanted hair is growing. This light penetrates the skin through the follicles to the hair roots where it damages them. Follicle and hair damage prevents the production of new hair.

Who can use face laser hair removal?

Women with dark hair and fair skin are the ideal candidates for this hair removal technology. However, even women with darker skin can achieve good results if the hair removal procedure is conducted by an experienced practitioner. Nevertheless, laser hair removal works better on fair skinned and dark haired women.

Before treatment

Before undergoing the laser hair removal procedure, it is important to consult with your physician. The physician will determine whether laser hair removal is ideal for you. It is also important to ensure that the person that treats you is a qualified and registered physician. This ensures your safety while enhancing the chances of getting your desired results.

After the treatment

Most people claim that laser hair removal is permanent. However, for this to be achieved several treatments might be required. Usually, the treatments are performed after six weeks and one may undergo up to three treatments to realize the best results.

Pros of laser hair removal for women

Among the best things about laser hair removal is its speed and effectiveness. When this procedure is done by a professional using the best laser hair removal machine, the results are desirable. Compared to other hair removal methods such as electrolysis, this method is less time-consuming. It is also safe and less painful than other hair removal methods like waxing. Additionally, the process is effective because most people realize permanent hair removal or reduction after undergoing this process. Men laser hair removal is also very effective in removing hair in large areas such as legs and backs.


FDA approved laser hair removal as a permanent hair reduction method rather than permanent hair removal. This implies that hair can re-grow in some areas after this method has been used. One can also experience side effects after the treatment. These include skin discoloration, swelling, itching, blistering, infection and burning. This hair removal method requires several treatments for the desired hair removal level to be achieved. There are cases when this treatment is very expensive.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Devices

Electrolysis is permanent, effective and safe… but is it right for you?Electrolysis hair removal devices have been around since Dr. Charles E. Michel discovered it in 1875. Over 135 years later, electrolysis remains the only true method of permanent hair removal. In recent years, however, a growing number of home electrolysis devices entered the marketplace. Promising similar results to professional treatment – at a fraction of the cost – home electrolysis kits became wildly popular.

Home Electrolysis Kits: A Poor Choice But as many users soon discovered: home electrolysis devices did not deliver on those promises. Contrary to what a product’s sales literature may claim, electrolysis is a process, not merely a tool. In other words, purchasing scissors does not make one a barber: it takes training and experience for effective use of those tools.

Skilled electrologists can quickly determine which hairs can be treated with electrolysis (only hairs in the anagen, or “growing phase” can be treated); this alone is difficult for the layperson to do.

Three Types of Electrolysis Hair Removal Devices

There are three types of electrolysis devices: galvanic, thermolysis and blend. All three methods begin with the insertion of a needle into the hair follicle. It’s how the needle destroys hair which separates the methods.

Galvanic Electrolysis Devices: Highly Effective

But Slow Galvanic electrolysis – also known as “true electrolysis” – is the device used by Dr. Michel back in 1875. It removes hair through a chemical reaction known as “chemical decomposition”.

In short, galvanic electrolysis uses direct current to change the chemical make-up of salt water in the body. The direct current creates sodium hydroxide – also called lye – which is responsible for destroying hair follicles. Galvanic electrolysis is therefore a chemical method of hair removal.

While highly effective – up to 80% of hairs are destroyed – traditional galvanic electrolysis is extremely time-consuming. Each hair had to be treated individually for at least two minutes. Fortunately, a new form of multiple galvanic treatments allows users to treat 12 – 16 hairs simultaneously, which speeds up treatment times (though galvanic devices still remain the slowest by a significant margin).

Pros of Galvanic Electrolysis Devices: Highly effective:

  • 80% kill rate on hair follicles
  • Longest track record of success
  • Safe for any hair/skin type

Cons of Galvanic Electrolysis Devices:

  • Very slow
  • More painful than Thermolysis

Thermolysis Electrolysis Devices: Fast, But Not As Effective

Technically speaking, thermolysis is not “true electrolysis” because it there is no chemical reaction. Thermolysis uses high-frequency electric charges to create heat in cells around the hair follicle. As these cells heat up, they are destroyed at the root. Soon after, the blood supply to the follicle dries up – known as “electro coagulation” -, which results in permanent hair removal.

While not considered “true electrolysis” thermolysis devices are the most widely used electrolysis devices today for a number of reasons. Firstly, thermolysis devices are much faster than galvanic devices (as little as 1 second per hair). The second reason for its popularity is ease-of-use; while galvanic devices require considerable skill and training, thermolysis devices are relatively easy to use and require minimal training.

Thermolysis works best on thin hairs with shallow roots. They do not work well on deep-rooted hairs (such as those found on the face). In general, men’s hair tends to be deep-rooted, making thermolysis a less-than-ideal option.

Pros of Thermolysis Hair Removal Devices:

  • Quick treatment time
  • Easy to use
  • Covers large body parts effectively
  • Less discomfort than galvanic devices

Cons of Thermolysis Hair Removal Devices:

  • Less effective on deep-rooted or thick hair
  • Difficult for men to use
  • Can cause scarring

Electrolysis Blend Method for Hair Removal: Best of Both Worlds?

The blend method – also known as the “dual action” method – uses both galvanic electrolysis and thermolysis to permanently remove hair. The blend method seeks to incorporate the effectiveness of galvanic electrolysis with the speed of thermolysis.

The blend method – like galvanic electrolysis – uses chemical processes to destroy hair follicles. With the production of sodium hydroxide, hair follicles die out and blood is no longer delivered to the follicle (which ensures permanent results).

But unlike galvanic electrolysis – which can take up to two minutes – the blend method reduces treatment time down to about ten seconds while maintaining kill rates similar to galvanic devices.

Thermolysis is used to accelerate treatment times. In short, thermolysis is used to heat the sodium hydroxide created through galvanic electrolysis, which makes it yield results in a fraction of time.

There are a number of drawbacks to electrolysis blend devices. For one, it remains more uncomfortable than thermolysis, and secondly, it is a more specialized – and therefore expensive – field. As the blend method becomes more popular, however, more electrologists will specialize in this expanding field.

Laser Removal Devices for Facial Hair

Since time immemorial females have been concerned with hair removal, particularly face hair removal. Today’s progressive removal of hair by laser technology and products offer a remedy for excess hair that can finally offer an enduring result.

There are just two solutions to unwanted body and facial hair that can be permanent – Hair laser removal and electrolysis. Laser technology particularly has developed in leaps and bounds over recent years and now is a very popular remedy.

Commercial vs. Home Products

Mostly, these laser machines are created for medical or professional cosmetic use only. There are extremely sensible reasons for this – lasers are powerful machines that can cause serious injury to sensitive human organs and skin – the eyes particularly. So sticking to sensible safety procedures is essential, and proper training is required in order to perform laser hair removal properly and safely.

Some home laser hair removal devices continue to be marketed but the vast majority of these are simply not strong enough to give users the desired permanent reduction of hairs that can be successfully obtained using medical or professional cosmetic lasers for removal of hair.

The Technology

Laser and light-based hair removal is done by applying an extremely strong beam of light with a certain wavelength to your skin. In an ideal scenario the beam is transmitted harmlessly through your skin without causing any damage, and the energy of the laser is taken in by the roots (or “follicles” to give them the proper terminology), which are then disabled or destroyed.

Because the energy of the laser is taken in by melanin (a dark pigment), these technologies work most successfully on light skinned, dark haired clients. However, new technology has now enabled manufacturers to build laser hair removal products which can be used safely on clients with darker skin, or clients who have tanned skin. There is no such thing as the “best” laser machine – the best one for you will vary according to your skin type and other physiological factors.

Commercial Lasers Used Today

The commonest sorts of laser machines are Alexandrite lasers, Nd:YAG lasers (Neodymium YAG), Diode lasers and finally the IPL or “Intense Pulsed Light” systems which are light based devices but not in fact lasers.

Many of the hair laser removal clinics treat their clients with one certain laser. This is understandable as these are expensive systems. And it is true that there are in existence today a number of machines which are extremely versatile. However, for your own certain skin and hair type a certain machine may be the most suitable.

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