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Hair Removal Laser Surgery

Hair Removal Laser Surgery

Hair Removal Laser Surgery – How Does it Work?

Everybody has heard of hair reduction through laser treatment these days. A laser will zap your undesired hair follicles and then they don’t grow back anymore. Laser treatment gets rid of your unwanted hairs quickly, permanently and relatively painlessly. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But how exactly does a laser treatment work?

When the laser is shot at your hair follicles underneath your skin, the hair follicles absorb the energy from the laser and it is released as heat. The heat destroys the hair follicles and once they’re gone they don’t grow back. You will have permanently gotten rid of your hair.

Around two decades ago, removing hairs with a laser was discovered. The treatment has been developed and commercially released in the mid 1990s. Since then, it has come a long way. Technology and results have improved and the prices have come down. As the cost comes down, the treatment is definitely making its way into the mainstream.

How Does Hair Removal Laser Surgery Work?

The laser focuses on the hair follicle which lies beneath your skin’s surface. Only the hair follicle must be heated, but not the surrounding tissue. This is in order to prevent all sorts of nasty side effects, wounds, irritation, blistering and scarring. The hair follicles have chromophores in them, which are organic molecules that give hairs their colour. Because coloured things naturally absorb light, this is where it laser is pointed at.

The performing doctor uses a hand-held device to point the laser at your hairs. Some hairs need multiple laser pulses especially coarser ones. When the hair follicle absorbs the laser’s light, turning it into heat, the hair follicle is eventually destroyed.

This can only be done for hair follicles which are currently in their hair growth cycle. The ones that are currently in their resting phase will escape the laser’s destructive forces. For these follicles, you will have to come back for a second or maybe a third treatment.

Phoenix Laser Hair Removal Surgery

Even the most advanced laser hair removal Phoenix has to offer still cannot guarantee smooth legs forever. But women and men seeking laser hair removal in Phoenix are able to expect to have some amazing results. Laser hair removal Phoenix doctors explain, works by using a thin laser beam to target the unwanted follicle, destroying it at the root. It is important returns, in some cases as much as 80 percent or more.

Phoenix Laser Hair Removal – Effective

There are not that many studies currently being performed on the effectiveness of certain types of laser hair removal Phoenix can reference. It is thought that most centres have patients who experience some level re-growth after treatment; however, it tends to do so slower and with a finer texture.

For truly great benefits some Phoenix laser hair removal centres offer packages that lowers the cost, and allows for touch-ups after multiple sessions are finished. The number of sessions needed vary, as well as the length of your treatment course. Reduction treatment works best on fair skinned individuals with dark hair as lasers can more easily target darker follicles when against a lighter background.

Dark-skinned individuals or those with blond, red, or gray hair, tend to have less impressive results, although different lasers are designed to treat different skin types. Men and women arriving at a Phoenix laser hair removal centre with a recent or deep tan may be asked to wait until they have completely faded before having treatments.

Phoenix Laser Hair Removal – Expectations

While wearing protective goggles, treatment is performed using a handheld wand like device that is moved along the treatment area, often with a protective cooling spray or gel applied prior to each session. With some methods, patients may feel a slight stinging similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin, as the follicles are destroyed. Some centres use a topical anaesthetic to minimize discomfort during laser hair removal surgery.

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