Hair Removal For Men

Hair Removal For Men

Hair Removal for Men – Tips and Tricks

The days when men were proudly wearing shirts that expose their chest hair are long gone. The trends were changed a decade ago and although some people may be surprised but hair removal for men is not something that is considered to be a taboo today.

On the contrary, modern men are practicing hair removal. The reasons behind this trend are numerous but the truth is that more and more men are looking for a way to eliminate this unpleasant body hair. Most men are using standard hair removal methods but there are few methods that are mainly associated with men.

The following is a short list of hair removal methods used by men. Keep in mind that most men avoid hair removal from their legs and arms because they still consider hair on this part of the body to be a symbol of masculinity.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is not something new when it comes to hair removal for men. This method is approved by FDA and many men are using it because it represents a permanent solution for their problems. The laser beams are destroying the follicles and the results depend on the pigment of skin and hair colour (men with lighter hair will have to go through more treatments). Men who have darker skin should first consult a specialist because laser treatment comes with side effects that are often associated with men with darker skin. This method of hair removal for men permanently reduces the quantity and quality of hair but it is also very expensive.


This method may sound intimidating for some men but there is no reason to be worried. Basically this method uses a needle that catches the hair in its root and eliminates it. This method of hair removal for men often brings long lasting results, but there is no guarantee for every individual because the effectiveness varies from person to person and the type of hair follicles.

Keep in mind that this procedure must be performed by a professional and requires regular treatments for good results. Electrolysis basically weakens hair in their root and eventually eliminates their growth.

Plucking with Tweezers

Although this activity sounds girlie, many men choose it over all other methods. With the help of a good tweezers men can pluck the hair and eliminate them. Try to find sharp tweezers. If you don’t have much experience or time to pluck the hair with tweezers then focus on smaller areas that are usually covered with excess body hair or ingrown hair. Of course, this method is not permanent.

Using Trimmers

Hair removal for men can be almost painless. This is the case if you use a trimmer in order to get rid of the unwanted body hair. In this way you won’t completely remove the hair but you will make it almost invisible. Electric trimmers can do this job without causing pain, mess and noise. They also have different parts for different parts of the body which will make the job even easier.

Laser Hair Removal For Men

Gone are the days when removing unwanted body hair was just a “woman’s thing”. Today, it has become more acceptable for men to have a proactive approach to their head to toe appearance. More and more guys are discovering the benefits of various hair removal methods to attain a clean and hair free look. Laser hair removal for men has seen a steady rise in recent years in doctor’s offices and medical clinics and spas that offer this type of procedure.

From stubble, to chest and back hair, laser treatments offer males the chance to finally put down the razor and permanently reduce the amount of hair and whiskers that they have routinely had to worry about.

Stubble Laser Hair Removal

How nice would it be to not have to shave every day? This is quite an attractive option for those men who are just fed up with the daily grind of shaving. While a good shave gets the skin smooth and clean feeling, unfortunately, it is just a temporary solution that must be repeated every day. It also comes with the occasional cuts, nicks, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Stubble laser hair removal lets you get the closeness of a fresh shave without all the misery and wasted time commonly associated with it.

The area under the neck is a popular area men have done as it is often the most troublesome area to shave. Hair tends to grow in different directions and the ridges around the throat and Adam’s apple can make shaving this area of skin tricky. It often results in razor burn or ingrown hairs.

While laser treatments aim for a 70% to 90% in hair reduction, after several treatments, the hair that may remain often grows back finer and/or slower. This can significantly cut down on the daily requirements of shaving.

Chest & Back Hair Treatments

This is another popular area for men to have treated for unwanted hair. Look in any men’s magazine and you will be hard pressed to find any of the models in there with anything but a smooth, hairless chest, abs and back. The social pressures that women have often endured from such publications have slowly crept there way over to the male side. This can be both a blessing and a curse, but one result is that it has become more acceptable to want a cleaner look.

Getting this area done often provides one of the more drastic before and after results for men. Below is another great video that further demonstrates what is involved in getting this area treated.

As you can see in the video, laser hair removal is able to treat large areas such as the chest in a short amount of time. This is why this method is preferred over electrolysis for big sections such as the legs, back and chest.

Usually it takes 6 to 8 sessions to fully treat an area, but for those who just want to keep some of their hair and just reduce the overall amount by a fraction, getting fewer treatments can help thin everything out. This can be covered and discussed during the initial consultation before the treatments begin.

How Laser Rays Remove Hair?

Laser light is used to kill the root hair. However as the hair follicle is not destroyed in the process, chances are there for fresh hair to appear in these spots, which would make laser treatment a fairly lengthy process which could extend up to many weeks. The duration of the treatment invariably depends on the texture and the density of the hair growth apart from your pain threshold. Typically each session extends up to 30 minutes and up to 8 sittings would be required for best results.

The Success Rates of Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatment works best on light skin with dark hair and is not recommended for blonde hair. There are different types of lasers for different skin types and only by using the right option, desirable results are obtained.. Laser treatment basically thins out the hair instead of fully removing the hair, which makes it well suited for men. AS men age, more hair grows that might require touch up laser treatment once every year to maintain the hair growth to the desired level.

Who Can Opt For Laser Hair Removal?

Men of all ages can opt for laser therapy. Some prefer to use it for just thinning their eyebrows or the neck hair while others make sure of it to remove excess hair from their back and chest regions. However, make sure to discuss with the physician to know the best possible options for your hair type. The success rates of the treatment might vary in different cases as laser is not effective for blonde or white hair. In dark toned skin, laser treatment might leave blemishes or discoloration. People with dark hair and light skin are ideally suited for laser hair removal.

Is it Permanent?

The FDA has set 6 years as the permanent hair removal period for laser. Annual follow up sessions would be required to ensure Facial Hair Removal the way you wanted. Thus laser hair removal will not guarantee lifelong results, but will give you better and long lasting results in comparison with other modes of hair removal like waxing or shaving.

Other Considerations

While it may seem like an easy choice to make when shown the possible benefits of this type of hair removal, it is also important to consider some of the possible drawbacks. No one method is perfect for everyone, and when considering laser hair removal it is also important to know the possible risks and side effects, the costs involved as well as which skin and hair colour types are most ideal for this kind of procedure.

It used to be that you needed to have an excuse to remove the hair from your chest, back or legs, such as being a bodybuilder, cyclist or swimmer. You no longer have to be a professional model to have a need for hair-free skin. Times are changing, and not only are it acceptable to ditch the wookie look that some men wish they could get under control, it is often preferred.

For those guys that are looking for a solution that can produce long lasting results to permanently reduce the need to break out the dreaded razor, laser hair removal may be just what you are looking for.

Back Hair Removal For Men

As time passes by, more men have the awareness about their own looks. We started to realize how important it is to show ourselves with the good first impression. Along with the immense confidence, then you are able to stand in front of the public. When you think men have less self-consciousness than women, you are definitely wrong. Now came the time where you assume you knew it, the era of men and women shared some of the same inner personality.

The ways of back hair removal for men are almost similar to laser hair removal men. However, it is crucial to consult your doctor first before you undergo the removals. It is general knowledge that our science has advanced through time, it creates the convenience and the higher level of living. One of the technologies being executed is the electrolysis men should be considering it. It is effective but which comes with high risks. Electrolysis procedure needs needle epilators and tweezers. If needles were not sterilized, it will cause damage to your head.

The laser hair removal men have to weigh the pros and cons. It is the most effective way for back hair removal for men, and no doubt it brings permanent and irreversible destruction if it went wrong. The purpose of this technique is to destroy the hair follicles for a period of time, which lasts about half a year to one year.

The downsides of the procedure are it may mutate your vellus hair into terminal hair and leaving scars and burns on your face. Please make sure the capability of the doctor to practise laser.

The simplest way of back hair removal for men is of course, waxing technique. It needs hair removal cream or melted wax to cover the hair spot. You can buy Nair men hair removal creams from pharmacies or from your doctor. Same goes to other facial hair removal product men find them very useful too. From looking from the bad side, waxing may cause skin itchiness and pain.

There are lots of other suitable ways of hair removal for men could find suitable. It is advised to first do some research and consult your doctor before and during the removal.

Removing Men’s Ear Hair

When a man reach the age of 30, that is where his problem for unruly hair grows begins. The hair can be seen in different part of the ear and sometimes on the inner part of the ear. Having a too thick hair can cause ear problems and the earwax will cling to it causing a hygienic problem. That is why it is important to learn the different method in removing ear hair.

Shaving is the easiest method of all. It is also painless. It uses ear hair trimmer in safely removing ear hair. These trimmers have two options- manual or electric so you can choose any of those that are comfortable to you. The ear hair trimmer in manual mode is placed at the opening and the handle is rotated back and forth to trim hair. While the electric hair trimmer is just manoeuvred to the ear and doesn’t need any force.

Tweezing is a technique where you pull the strand of the ear hair using a tweezers. Choosing a good tweezers is important. When tweezing, stand at the front of a mirror so you can see whether the tweezers is entering the ear canal and not to avoid damage on the ear drums.

Waxing is best applied outside the ear. Aside from the fact where it completely removes the hair follicles from its roots, another advantage of using wax is being hairless for several weeks. Soy waxes is popular too as a cream lotion is applied to the skin. Then a strip cloth is placed over the layered cream. As the mixtures dries, remove the cloth and you will see a hairless ear.

Doing this may take for about 10 minutes or an hour. But it is advised to use pre-made wax strips to prevent wax drip inside the ear canal. Also, if it’s your first time doing it, you might want to seek help from the professionals to avoid skin infection.

Ear hair removal creams is an effective and easy way to remove ear hair. But be sure to look for the active ingredients listed on the label of the cream you are using to avoid any allergic reactions and irritations.

Electrolysis is a method where it uses a needle that is ultra slim that enters hair shaft; it delivers tiny shocks of electricity directly to the hair follicle making the cells that make hair killed. Once the cell is gone, the hair will no longer grow. It takes 10- 20 minutes for electrolysis treatment. But if you have a lot of hair, weekly treatment for a year is required. The treatment might be costly but the effect is permanent.

Laser ear hair removal is the most expensive method in removing ear hair compared to tweezing and shaving. It requires you to visit the doctor often that is why it is costly. It uses pulsed light that targets the hair follicle which results in permanent hair reduction.

Having ear hair being removed has been an important grooming routine for men. But before doing one of those, make sure you have all the knowledgeable information about it and you are confident enough in doing it.

Hair Removal For Men

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