The Epicare hair removal tool is a tool that is touted as a ‘facial hair removal tool for ladies’. The concept is simple, bend a spring, place it against your face, let it straighten out and pull.

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Epicare Hair Removal

Unlike waxes, some do have a tendency to do a bit of skin damage, the Epicare doesn’t do that. Yes, there is some soreness involved as you are effectively pulling hairs out by the root but actual users of the product say that it is much less painful than waxing.

Of course, pain is in the ‘feeling’ of the beholder as some users do report that the pain is equal to waxing. However, just like waxing the Epicare hair removal device does actually leave your skin smooth and soft, which is similar to waxing.

Like anything, it does take a bit to get used to using and getting it to work properly for you. The instructions are clear and its use is easy, however, every persons face and skin is different so it will take a little working with it to get it to perform exactly as you want it to.

By all accounts and reading reviews of people who have actually purchased and used the product, it’s clear this tool works. If you happen to be looking for a successful device for use on facial hair, then the Epicair hair removal tool is an item you may want to take some time checking out and learning a bit more about.

Final Thought

With EpicareTM, there is no more ripping off the top layer of skin with waxing that leaves irritation, redness, scarring, and eliminates skin’s elasticity. No more harmful epilating crèmes that dissolve hair along with the skin’s top layer, possibly causing chemical burns.

No more bleaching, that doesn’t even solve the facial hair problem, but supplies your skin with dangerous chemicals, leaving you with uneven skin tone a possible pigmentation.

No endless tedious tweezing. No need to spend thousands of dollars in laser hair removal salons – besides, this method is not effective on everyone’s skin and there is a chance of scarring.

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