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Chest Hair Removal

Chest Hair Removal

Chest Hair Removal

Many people these days want to get rid of all the hair on their bodies (except for the tops of their heads, of course). While I personally think that everyone should just accept themselves and realize that we’re born with body hair for a reason, this article will go over the many ways to remove that hair, specifically heavy chest hair. Hold on to your tweezers, it’s going to be a long and bumpy ride.


Obviously, the most prominent method of chest hair removal is simply shaving it off. The problem with shaving it though is that the hair grows back rather fast so you have to keep doing it and shaving at those weird angles may be more than a little difficult.

If you’re having trouble shaving it all then you could get someone else to help you with it. If you do happen to miss a few hairs, they may cause to skin to become mildly irritated which would cause itchiness and possibly redness.


The laser method may be better for you if you don’t like to shave or do any of the other methods that I’ll cover later on. The good thing about laser hair removal is that it’s a onetime deal that permanently destroys the hair follicles and makes hair growth impossible.

On one hand, that’s good for those of you who don’t ever want to have to deal with body hair again but on the other hand, you may not like how it turns out and you won’t be able to change it back. Another problem with laser treatment is that it can get extremely costly and insurance won’t cover it.


There are a wide variety of chemical hair removal products that can easily remove that unwanted hair on your chest. The downside to these chemicals is that you’re obviously putting something foreign into your skin which could cause all sorts of undesirable effects. For one thing, it’s common to experience red streaks, itchiness, and swelling around the area that you applies it to.

What’s more concerning, however, is that mixing chemicals with certain types of medication could potentially lead to a medical disaster. Never use any types of chemical hair removal products, or any type of chemical product, that is, without first consulting your regular medical doctor and informing him or her of any medications that you are currently taking.


Waxing is another method to get rid of excessive unwanted hair. Luckily, waxing is one of the methods that can be applied to the chest. Waxing can cause your skin to be hair-free for up to 8 weeks but the downside is that it is excruciatingly painful.

Waxing can also cause redness, itchiness, swelling, and sometimes mild bleeding. What’s worse is that, if done the wrong way, waxing can also break the hairs instead of pulling them out which can lead to the hair growing back even faster to make up for the damage and the hair can also grow back in sporadic directions which makes it appear blotchy and extra hairy. Obviously, that’s not what you’re going for. Waxing can also get expensive.


Sugaring can be done in one of two different methods, one being in the form of a paste and the other in the form of a gel. Both the paste and the gel forms are made of sugar, water, and usually lemon juice but that can be substituted if you’re allergic to citrus.

The paste method is first applied in the opposite direction of hair growth and then rubbed in the direction of hair growth to completely surround the individual hairs. You then let the paste and dry and flick it off. This allows for large amounts of hair to be effortlessly removed without any pain. The gel method is similar to waxing and just involves a sugar concoction instead of the traditional wax that they usually use.


The plucking method just involves taking tweezers to the hairs and pulling them out one by one. Obviously this method isn’t useful for an entire chest but they do make special devices that can pull hairs out in large clumps. The downside of this is that it’s extremely painful. If you just want to tidy the hair up a bit, however, a once-over with a pair of scissors and then a retouch with the tweezers could leave your chest looking magnificent.


The threading hair removal method is usually just for facial hair but could theoretically be used all over the body, including the chest. Threading involves taking two long threads and crossing them in an X shape with a small loop in the middle. This loop acts as a little lasso that can then be used to pull hairs out of the follicles in clumps when the threads are moved back and forth. This isn’t a new method at all and can be traced back to the Ancient Middle East, where it is still common among young women today.

Chest Hair Removal For Men

Chest hair removal is an important issue for many men. An abundance of chest hair can make a man feel self-conscious and affect his self-esteem. Fortunately, there are many products and techniques available that can solve this problem, some of which are permanent or long-lasting. This is good news for those men who do not want to deal with their body hair very frequently.

The method of hair removal you choose partially depends upon the area to be treated. Chest hair removal involves a large area, and therefore certain methods will not be as practical as others. Electrolysis, for example, is too tedious for large areas, as it treats one hair at a time. A better solution for men is laser or depilatory treatment. Laser hair removal can cover the entire chest area and give permanent or long-lasting results for most men.

Depilatory creams and gels are also a good option for men with excessive chest hair. When used with a hair growth inhibitor, this method can cause hair to grow in slower and finer. This means fewer treatments over time, and less need to deal with hair removal. Micro-shavers can give a clean shave close to the skin without the nicks and cuts of regular razors.

Get the Results You Want

Men can now achieve the same results that women have gotten for years. In the past, chest and body hair was considered an attractive feature on a man. The current trend is toward less body hair, so that muscle definition is more apparent. Chest hair removal can be a step toward this goal, and can help a man feel good about oneself.

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