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Back Hair Removal

Back Hair Removal

Back Hair Removal Methods – Hair Removal Truth

Choosing the best back hair remover depends on your personal situation. Before meeting with a technician, be sure to explore all options and decide which is right for you.

Below is a brief outline of popular back hair removal methods, listed from most effective to least.

Electrolysis: The Only Permanent Form of Back Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the process sending electrical charges directly to the root of each individual hair. It is the only FDA-approved form of permanent hair removal. Electrolysis generally takes months, even years to complete and costs from $9,000 – $19,000 depending on body size and hair density.

Unlike laser treatment, electrolysis works for all hair and skin colours. However, it’s a difficult process for busy people to stick with. To succeed with electrolysis, patients must be committed to the program, which generally lasts 3 – 6 months.

There are no long-term health concerns with electrolysis, though redness, bumps and swelling may occur after treatment.

Electrolysis should be considered for people willing to invest significant time and money for permanent back hair removal.

Laser Back Hair Removal

Laser back hair removal generates pulses across large areas of the body. Unlike electrolysis, which focuses on each individual hair, laser treatments scan the entire back, removing hairs with greater speed.

While not FDA approved for the label “permanent hair removal” many patients do report permanent results. Generally, laser treatment is long lasting, and hair re-growth (if any) is thinner and softer.

Laser back hair removal is faster than electrolysis, but just as expensive (if not more so, prices vary widely). When seeking a laser technician, it’s advisable to pay the premium for experience. Unlike waxing – which is easily taught – laser hair removal is much more sophisticated and poses potential long-term health problems if done incorrectly.

Laser treatment is generally less painful than electrolysis, though this is subjective.

Note: laser hair removal does not work on light pigmented hair: blond, silver, white and gray hair cannot be removed with lasers.

On top of this, laser hair removal is not adequately regulated on the state level, and there may be safety and effectiveness issues over the long-term.

Laser back hair removal can be as expensive as electrolysis, without the guarantee of permanent hair removal. Treatment times are much faster than electrolysis, and may be the right choice for busy people who have more money than time.

Waxing Back Hair Removal

The hot strip method is ideal for removing back hair. Unlike hard wax – which works well on areas where hair grows in numerous directions – the hot strip method can be used on large areas with ease.

Patients report some discomfort after waxing, though it subsides within a few hours. Swelling and redness may occur: this is natural. Learn more about what to expect from waxing back hair pain.

Unlike lasers or electrolysis, waxing is completed in one visit. The result generally lasts anywhere in 6 – 12 weeks. Re-growth is often milder and softer after numerous wax treatments.

Waxing is the most popular form of back hair removal. It’s fast, inexpensive and can be done from home. People interested in long-term results should consider lasers or electrolysis.

Sugaring Back Hair Removal

Sugaring is a natural back hair remover. Used by the ancient Egyptians, the process is receiving widespread attention as more and more people look for natural hair removal methods they can use at home.

There are two types of sugaring: the hand-applied method, which is pain-free; and the spatula-applied method, which is faster but carries some discomfort (similar to waxing). Both methods are natural if the sugar paste is 100% resin-free – check the box prior to purchasing.

Generally, patients can go 6 – 12 weeks between treatments for removing excess back hair. With repeated use, less application is required.

Sugaring is an effective method for back hair removal. It’s results are similar to waxing, but without any discomfort. Many are drawn to it as a natural back hair remover. The process is much slower than waxing.

Shaving: Back Hair Removal on the Cheap

Shaving is the cheapest, easiest method of back hair removal. It’s also the least effective. Hair usually grows back within a number of days.

One of the most common problems with shaving is razor burn, which can lead to pseudofolliculitis barbae, a painful skin condition caused by inflamed hair follicles.

There are a number of shavers for back hair on the market. Most popular is the MANGROOMER, which can be used to remove hair from those hard-to-reach areas.

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