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Revitol Hair Removal Revitol Hair Removal
Revitol Hair Removal Cream is the leading hair removal product in the market. It is basically a glorified vanishing cream that removes hair and after just one to four months hair stops growing altogether! You only need to apply the formula as needed for a very short time period only. It’s an excellent choice for anyone that is sick and tired of shaving!

Revitol Hair Removal

Key Features

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Decrease the Appearance of Cellulite Dimples
  • Very Easy To Apply
  • Works for Both Men and Women
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Note We have selected Revitol Hair Removal based on positive customer reviews on various health product-review sites.

Dermology Hair Removal Dermology Hair Removal
Dermalogy Hair Removal Cream claims to effectively treat unwanted hairs of both men and women. It is safe to use in any parts of the body and face. It is an advanced hair inhibitor system which guarantees 100% effectiveness and painless cream. It is painless, effective and easy to use treatment. Dermology hair removal cream works rather quickly and gives you a smooth, soft skin.

Dermology Hair Removal

Key Features

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Removes Hair Painlessly
  • No Waxing No Red Bumps
  • Can Be used in Any Part of The Body
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Stop Grow Stop Grow
Stop Grow is an all-natural hair growth inhibitor that works on any areas of your body. Stop Grow is clinically proven to cut back the unwanted body hair and prevent future hair growth. It diminishes body hair up to almost 69%. It offers you long-lasting solutions, deals with all body hair colours.

Stop Grow

Key Features

  • Widely Known Ingredients
  • Removes Hair At The Root
  • Reduces Future Growth
  • No Side Effect Reported
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Other Hair Removal Products

Schick Hydro Silk Razor
Schick Hydro Silk® is the best hair solution for women today. It is the only waterproof bikini trimmer and hydrating razor that works singly. It cares even your skin layer without harming it. This women razor hair removal treatment has battery operated; shower-safe bikini trimmer has a 4-length trimmer comb that helps anyone to get adjusted well. It is highly recommended for women’s use.

Bikini Zone Hair Removal Product
Bikini Zone Cream Hair Remover is made specifically for the ultra-sensitive bikini area. It is very gentle, effective and offers results within 4 minutes to completely eliminate all bikini hairs. This product lasts longer and is pain-free even for the sensitive bikini area. Have wonderful body with this product.

Silk N Flash & Go
Silk’n Flash & Go is an innovative, painless, and easy to use light-based hair removal device to remove the unwanted hairs from the body and face permanently. The device is indeed user friendly, small, lightweight and easy to use. It is made to be used by all. It guarantees you permanent hair removal with just 6 sessions to perform.

Verseo ePen Hair Removal
The Verseo ePen hair removal system is the best hair removal product for you! It leaves your skin extremely smooth and removes all the hair on legs with great ease! NO bumps, NO pain, just smooth hair-free body. You can easily do this at your own home. It is the best hair remover product that many have ever used! It doesn’t irritate the skin, is painless and, most importantly, results are permanent! Have a try and sense the difference.

Ultra Hair Away
Ultra Away is the best topical treatment for unwanted face and body hair. It is odourless, and transparent in its appearance. You need to spray on the required area to remove unwanted hairs and massage gently into the skin. It is an organic, natural permanent hair remover method as quoted by the company. It amazingly create a wonderful, hair free body to you.

Tria Hair Removal
Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision is a newer, professional quality at home laser hair removal. It is an awesome product which is specifically designed for Smaller and More Sensitive Areas. This is solely intended for smaller, more sensitive areas of the body, like the bikini line and underarms. It is portable and cordless. It is lightweight and can be easily used to remove unwanted hair with permanent results.

Verseo eGlide
The Verseo eGlide is the first clinically tested at-home roller electrolysis system. It safely removes unwanted hair from areas of the body or face in a simple, pain-free way. The advanced galvanic system used by eGlide produces a small current of energy that penetrates hair down to the follicle and prevents the re-growth of that hair. Your hair will stop growing after repeated usage.

No No Hair Removal
The No No Hair Removal is among the best laser hair removal tools in the market today. There is no pain, no ineffectiveness and no zero-results if you use this No No Hair removal. The easy-to-use NoNo is more pocket-friendly and effective compared to other hair removal methods. It really clears unwanted hairs from your body.

Hair Removal: What Is The Right Option For You?

For as long as civilization existed, mankind has struggled with the issue of hair removal, for various reasons. In Ancient Egypt for example, total hair removal kept fleas, lice and other parasites away. Egyptian priests also believed that total hair removal symbolized purity in the eyes of the gods.

Currently in Western society, hair is usually removed for aesthetic or social reasons. Fashion dictates the “approved” amount of hair for women and men. The majority of people strive to meet this societal standard to feel accepted and confident.

Most women in Western society practise some sort of hair removal. Actually modern women usually remove pretty much all hair below their eyebrows. While the process is time-consuming, tedious and costly, women derive great satisfaction from their smooth, hair-free bodies. Recently, men have begun to feel some of the pressure women felt for decades regarding hair removal. Men routinely shave their facial hair, or at least groom it to some extent. Lately, overly hairy men have also jumped on the hair removal bandwagon; waxing, shaving or even undergoing laser treatments on their back, stomach or chest hair.

So what are the options? Hair removal is very common and widely practised around the world. Based on how permanent you want the result to be and how much you want to pay, there is a hair removal method for every need.


Shaving removes the hair above the surface of the skin. It is the cheapest form of hair removal but also the shortest lasting. Typically you will need to shave every 2-3 days to maintain the smooth appearance. People with particularly coarse hair might notice stubble sooner, even after a day. However, shaving is still the most popular method of hair removal, due mostly to its ease of use and cost-effectiveness. There are many razors and shaving creams or gels to remove hair effectively and condition the skin at the same time.


Depilatories are essentially a chemical solution for hair removal, usually in cream or gel form. The solution is highly alkaline, which dissolves the protein structure of hair and turns them into a jelly-like mass, which is then wiped off. Only slightly more expensive than shaving and still relatively easy to use, depilatories are also a popular hair removal method. Their success rate varies. Every hair structure is slightly different and sometimes you have to experiment with brands or products until you find the one that works for you. Depilatories are not recommended for people with extra sensitive skin or those prone to allergic reactions to chemicals. Before performing hair removal with a depilatory cream, it is wise to do a simple skin allergy test. Reactions can include a rash, blisters, burning skin and other irritations.

Waxing, Sugaring, and Threading

These methods pluck hair from the follicle under the skin, unlike the above ways of hair removal which only trim hair above the skin. The results are slightly more permanent, lasting for approximately two weeks (more or less, depending on type of hair) Waxing is a form of hair removal which places melted wax over skin and allows it to cool and harden. Then the wax is pulled off the skin against the growth of the hair with a swift motion, taking the hair with it. This is usually performed at a beauty salon. However, many drugstores and department stores sell wax which does not need to be heated and is easier for hair removal at home.

Sugaring is a similar hair removal method to waxing, with the wax being replaced with a sugary paste and then ripped off the skin. Threading is an ancient hair removal technique, which involves a loop of thread being rolled on the skin, grabbing the hair and pulling them out. Since all of the above hair removal methods pose some sort of risk of breaking the skin, the risk of infection or irritation is present. Following hygienic precautions and using the products on healthy skin only lessens the risks.

Epilators, Electrolysis and Laser

The following claim to be permanent hair removal methods. However, some claims might be embellished and services and skill levels vary from provider to provider. Since these hair removal methods are costly and carry a significant risk factor, it’s important to research the options carefully and check the hair removal clinic’s reputation and references if possible.

Epilators use electric current to destroy the hair root at the bottom of the hair follicle. The loosened hair is then removed with tweezers. Although this method claims to be permanent, more research is needed to verify these claims. There are epilators available in stores for at home hair removal and these do not produce permanent results.

Electrolysis removes hair with a shortwave radio frequency, following the insertion of a thin probe into the hair follicle. There is significant data to support the claim that electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method, however the results are not instantaneous and multiple appointments are needed to produce the desired result. Side effects include infection from an unsterile needle and scarring from improper technique.

Laser removes hair with heat. Only licensed professional should be allowed the use of lasers. It is considered to be a permanent hair removal technique. Since the procedure can be painful (skin sensitivity to pain varies), a topical anaesthetic might be used. Be sure to be informed of its potential risks before consenting. Hair removal by lasers has probably the greatest probability of serious injury. Potential side effects can include blistering, discoloration after treatment, swelling, redness, and scarring. Sunlight should be avoided during healing after the procedure.

Considerations Before Using New Hair Removal Techniques

New hair removal techniques are proving effective in permanently removing unwanted hair from all parts of the body, but it is still not something to go into without a lot of prior thought. Permanent means exactly that, so do not take this step unless you are absolutely sure.

Hair can easily be managed with temporary removal which keeps your options open. There are always risks with any procedure of this type, as every skin is different. The risk of permanent scarring needs to be taken into account even if it is extremely small. Finally, you need to be aware of the levels of pain involved in having the procedure carried out.

There are many different groups of people who are in the market for laser hair removal, and for a huge variety of reasons. So many of these reasons are cosmetic, but there are cases where the reasons go deeper. Modern cancer patients often look into hair removal because chemotherapy can cause unsightly hair loss. More often than not they are looking for a temporary solution, but there are cases where it is made permanent. People looking to change gender also go through a long period of hair removal treatments.

It is important to spend time in thought before you go ahead with any laser and hair removal treatments. Work out exactly why you need to have this done. Think how you would manage if it just wasn’t possible, so you have a realistic appraisal of any alternative. Then, consider whether the price you will have to pay is worth the rewards you will gain. Although modern methods of hair removal are largely safe, there is risk involved and there is pain to be gone through.

The degree of risk and pain involved varies with the different treatments, and with the areas to which these treatments are applied. New methods of laser hair removal are more effective than the older ruby laser system, but the 100% safe laser method has yet to be developed. Make sure you are are fully aware of all the different types of laser and hair removal technique, before you finally decide on one. Make sure you take your skin type into account as well.

The expenses of new hair removal techniques can be very large, especially if you are targeting large areas of the body, and more than one area. A good example of this are the men who are looking to change gender by operation. It is recommended that hair removal is carried out before the operation itself, but very few people are able to actually do this. In many cases, the course of hair removal treatment carries on for years after. At least the treatments are now more effective with new hair removal.

Facial Hair Solutions For Women

Facial hair isn’t a great feature on a woman, which is why there have been many methods created over the years to remove it. No matter what your budget is, there is a method available that will remove your facial hair. It is always a temporary solution, but worth making an investment in to feel confident about your looks. Read on for facial hair solutions.


This technique from India involves wrapping a fine thread around each hair and pulling the hair out by the root. It can be mildly painful. Rest assured, the people who perform threading are very experienced in their trade and work very fast to remove hair. Threading is best for those who have limited facial hair, since too much threading can cause extreme redness. It is also a process that’s painful enough most want to limit the amount of skin they have threaded.


Waxing is one of the most effective ways to remove facial hair for a few weeks. Waxing does not cause the facial hair to come back any lighter or finer, but it does remove it well and leaves a very smooth surface behind. There are waxes specifically designed for the face. These waxes are formulated to be less harsh than other wax and do not leave the skin red or irritated.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most costly option for removing hair, but in many cases it does keep hair at bay for a few years. It is not a permanent solution, no matter what type of hair you have (color or texture). Laser hair removal typically takes at least two or three sessions to remove facial hair. In some cases, it can take as many as five sessions to remove all facial hair.

Hair Removal Options

Having too much hair on your legs, armpits and in some private parts of your body can be really unappealing, and it can leave you feeling awful for the rest of the day. It can be even uglier if you area woman. What if you are going out on a date?!! Gosh! Can you imagine your partner seeing your excess hair?

The problem with excess hair is that usually, it grows right back after a few days shaving. Why? Usually, having a lot of hair on your body is hereditary, and there is just not much you can do about it, except find the best hair removal options and settle for the best that would suit your budget and constitution.

I have this guide that will to help you choose which method is best for you:


Using a laser or pulsed light will impair the root of your hair, but it will not destroy any other part of your skin, so don’t worry about things like that. It can be used on any part of your body. With laser hair removal, you would probably have to go to a salon for 6 to 8 sessions. After that, a visit once a year is fine to make sure the follicle won’t grow.


This is a permanent hair removal. Yup! It is permitted to be called permanent. Why? A needle is used to reach the cell responsible for hair growth. This procedure can be a little uncomfortable to some, but if you wish to have a permanent, great looking body with no excess hair, then you have to suffer a little bit. Besides, there is local anesthetic cream available that can reduce the pain.

Sessions for this procedure can be time consuming as it requires you to visit the clinic for about 25 times or possibly more. The problem with electrolysis is that it can create tiny scars that are caused by the tiny needle insertions. The scars may be left unnoticed, but for persons with darker skin tones, this may cause hyperpigmentation, which may also cause keloids.


This method can be done on any part of the body, including the chin and upper lip. You can go to a salon, or you can buy a waxing kit and do it at home. It is, however, very important that that you do it in a sanitary place. This procedure is done every few weeks.


This method can be done using an electric razor or the ordinary blade. This type does not remove the hair; it just cuts the hair and will surely grow again a couple of days. However, if you choose this method, be sure to shave in the direction where hair grows and avoid going back and forth. Do not shave when your skin is dry. This will cause irritation after shaving.

Threading Hair Removal

The ancient method of the hair removal, which is called threading, is very widely used in the Persian culture, where this word comes from the word combination Bande Abru, where the word Abru stands for the eyebrow and the word Band means thread. This technique is very often used to remove the unwanted hairs from the facial area and especially to shape the eyebrows. It does not take so much time to use this method as for example the flash lamps or sugaring. it should be noted that only an experienced and skilled professional should have a permission to resort to the usage of the threading on the other people. This professional must know that only a thread, which is made out of 100% cotton, has to be used to shape the eyebrows, because only such a thread is strong enough not break during the procedure.

The person, who practices this technique, has to trap the follicles of the unwanted hair in the loops and to pull it out. This method is less painful and more pleasant to the skin than, for example, waxing. It may be used for all types of skins without any apprehensions on the occasion of a negative reaction, because this technique does not resort to the usage of any chemicals. At the same time the usage of this method secures the lack of the ingrown hairs and the result of this method lasts for around 2-4 weeks.

However at the same time it is very important to take in account that the usage of this method may cause the folliculitis, which is a bacterial infection of the hair follicles and may cause the inflammation of them, reddening of the skin and the change of the skin pigment. That is why this method of the hair removal has to be practiced only by a skilled and experienced professional, who may be found only outside large cities. He or she has to explain to the person, who wants to have recourse to the threading, that this method may be painful for the first time and may cause itching and irritation later. At the same time the usage of this technique causes problems on the areas of the body, which are not flat, that is why this method is not suitable to be used on the bikini line.

Sugaring Hair Removal

The sugaring is a very often used method of the hair removal, because it is foolproof and opportune at the same time. But the fact that the paste, which is usually used for this method, is based for the most part on the natural ingredients, proves that sugaring is generally speaking more kind and gentle to the skin then other methods. On the other part each person is different and has a different texture of the skin and hairs and you have to make sure if this method is proper to you and does not provoke the redness or irritation on your skin after the usage of the paste, which is chiefly based on the sugar.

This paste has to be applied to the skin, where you want to remove the undesirable hairs and after some time this paste must be removed from the skin in the direction of the hair growth. This method is usually used for such areas as: the upper lip, arms, chest, stomach, back, the line of the bikini, eyebrows, armpit and, of course, legs, but it is important to know that the sugaring is not suitable method to be used on the beard area.

The undesirable hairs are removed from their roots and as a rule by constant usage of this method it helps to weaken the roots of the hairs, that is why over time it becomes easier and less painful to remove the hairs. The result of this procedure usually lasts for around 4-6 weeks. If you want to reach the best result you should take into account that the hairs, which you want to remove, have to be at least 5 mm long. If your hairs are longer then this standard, they have to be cut down to this length. At the same time each person may find some recipes of the paste for sugaring, which may be used at home.

Some Methods For Safe Hair Removal

Everyone wishes to get rid of unwanted body hair. They sometimes look unsightly and may often cause embarrassment. In order to save themselves from such embarrassment, people opt for various methods to remove the excess hair from their body. Some of these methods are waxing, plucking, tweezing and using hair removal creams and lotions. But these are temporary methods for hair removal as the hair grows back after a period of time.

Generally, people are under the impression that the permanent methods available for hair removal are not safe, nor effective in removing excess hair. However, this is not true. The methods used for permanent removal of hair are safe, effective, and very efficient in removing body hair.

One of the safest methods for removing body hair is through electrolysis. This method has been clinically proven to be the best and effective for hair removal. Some people have a misconception that this method is painful, but this is not the case. The treatment may cause some discomfort like warm sensations, reddening of the skin, or slight swelling, but it is a relatively painless procedure. The swelling or redness caused by electrolysis usually disappears after a few hours.

It is a simple and safe method but there are few things that should be to be kept in mind before undergoing the treatment. Electrolysis should be performed by a qualified and licensed electrolysis technician. It is a time taking process and you may have to undergo many sessions for getting rid of unwanted hair.

Electrolysis is a better treatment option for hair removal than other methods such as hair removal creams and waxing, which can burn your skin or cause irritation if used carelessly.

Another method for removing unwanted hair permanently is through the laser hair removal treatment. It is also a safe and effective method for removing unwanted hair. It helps in getting rid of unwanted hair permanently and is an expensive method. Like many other products, this method may also have some side effects. It can cause lightening or darkening of the skin in the treated area depending upon the complexion of the person.

If you are opting for a permanent solution for hair removal, then you must take certain precautions in order to have a safe and effective treatment. Consult a professional before you opt for such treatments.

Permanent Hair Removal

The most people think that if they have resorted to the permanent hair removal, the attained effect will last forever and the undesirable hairs will not germinate again, but it is not so. The majority of the people, who have used this method, have to admit that after certain time the hair will appear again and it is clinically proved that the method, which is called as a permanent hair removal, is temporary in any case.

The most often used types of the permanent hair removal are the following:

1) Photoepilation:

  • hair removal with a laser;
  • flash lamps;
  • epilation with a diode laser;

2) Electroepilation:

  • blend;
  • electrolysis;
  • thermolysis;

3) Ultrasound Epilation:

It is clinically tested and proved that a treatment with a laser helps only to lighten the colour and to diminish the size of the undesirable hairs, so it is the best solution for the people with the darker hair and lighter tones of the body skin and at the same time it does not take so much time to make a laser hair removal than an electrolysis, because for the area of the beard it will take only around 20-30 minutes to remove all the hair. That is why the permanent hair removal with a laser is more frequently used than electrolysis.

The hair removal with the flash lamps, which are sometimes called as the hair removal with the intense pulse lights, means that the filtered light is sent through a hand part to the skin to destroy the follicle of the hair. It is important to know that this filtered light does not remain valid on the red, blonde and unpigmented hairs. The epilation with the diode laser is a new method, which is based on the diode laser beam, which is sent into the skin, where the photon energy, which was secreted from this beam, evaporates and destroys the cells of the hair follicles. The blend is a confluence of the direct and alternating current, which is used to act on the heating and chemical way at one time or coherently in order to destroy the follicles of the undesirable hairs.

The electrolysis, which is sometimes called as electrology, means that a fine needle-shaped electrode will destroy the root of the hair if a person decides to resort to this method. By the electrolysis a fine tipped probe has to be placed in the follicle of the unwanted hairs. The ultrasound epilation has recourse to the ultrasound waves to destroy the hair follicles. If a person decides to use one from these methods, it is important to remember that the result will not last forever.

Options for Natural Hair Removal

The natural hair removal procedures are considered to be the best as regards to the wish to get out the undesirable hairs. Every year we spend a lot of time and fabulous sums of money for these methods. There is even a popular belief that if a person wants to get rid of the unwanted hairs, he or she has to drink the tea, which is based on the nettle, but this belief is a riddle for me, because I cannot understand how this tea will detect what kind of hairs it has to destroy and what kind of hairs must be left on my body. The natural hair removal techniques, which are chiefly based on the natural products and help the people, who use them to keep off the chemical hair removers, include the following methods:

  • tweezing;
  • sugaring;
  • waxing;
  • threading;
  • bleaching.

The tweezing is a method of the natural hair removal, which is usually used for the facial area. If a person wants to remove the unwanted hairs using this method, he or she has to dispose of the tweezers. By the regular usage of this method it may help to stop the growth of the undesirable hairs.

The paste, which is used in the sugaring, is chiefly based on such ingredients as sugar, water and lemon juice and the result of this method lasts for around 4-6 weeks. At the same time it is important to know that the sugaring is less painful as the waxing, which may be very painful and especially in the beginning, but after some time of the regular usage of this method the pain will abate and the skin on your hands and legs will remain smooth and tender.

Such method as threading is usually used for the facial area and it is better than bleaching or shaving, but it may be considered to be a painful and irritating procedure, because this fact depends on the tenderness and sensitivity of your skin. For this technique a sewing thread removes the follicle of the hair. The bleaching does not remove the unwanted hairs from the skin in the real sense of this word. It helps to change the color of these hairs and to blend them with the color of the skin.