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There are so many products out there that claim to remove unwanted hairs, but unfortunately, not all of those products meet our high quality standards and expectations.

HairRemovalCreamReviews is finally dedicated to analyze the best hair removal creams on the market to provide you enough information so as to give you an informed decision before spending your hard earned money.

By doing extensive market research, analyzing thousands of customer reviews from Amazon, Walmart & eBay, taking health expert’s opinion from various discussion board & health blogs, here, we have narrowed down the list of products which are very effective and useful.

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Revitol Hair Removal
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Detailed Description On Hair Removal Cream

Detailed Description On Hair Removal Cream

Long, thick and shiny hair may look attractive and beautiful. On the other side, hair on unwanted body parts takes away the appealing look of the body. Growth of unwanted hair is something common to men and women. The reasons are numerous.

In any way, people always search for the perfect way of getting rid of unwanted body hair. Well, if you do feel the same uneasiness of hair growth on the body, hair removal creams are the right solution for you.

Hair removal cream is the simple way of removing unwanted hair. The cream works in the simplest way without consuming much time. The direction of using hair removal cream is to apply the cream on the hair growth areas of the body.

Hair removal creams are available both for men and women. Unwanted hair on chest, arms, legs, eyebrows, back, armpits, etc., can be removed by using the removal creams.

Shaving, razors, and electrolysis are some of the common methods of removing unwanted body hair. These methods work, but carry certain site effects. It can cause cuts, skin irritation, and development of black patches on the skin.

Hair removal cream is a good alternative way of removing body hair. Hair removal cream has the potentiality of breaking hair proteins. This ultimately rubs off the hair from the skin in the simplest and easiest way. The cream works in ‘wipe on and wipe off’ method.

Hair removal cream is the best solution to get rid of unwanted hair growth. It is equally important to make the right hair removal cream. This simply means selecting the cream by testing the skin type.

All creams do not work in the same way. Some creams are designed for particular skin types. The effectiveness of using the cream also depends on the type of skin. So it is good to have a skin testing before really choosing the product.

Body hair removal creams contain natural extracts and skin nourishing ingredients. The use of this cream does not result to any side effect if proper selection as per skin type is done.

These creams just remove the unwanted hair in a painless way. It makes life comfortable in dealing with the unwanted hair on certain parts of the body. Use of this cream not only removes body hair, but one can gain the advantage of having an ultra soft and clean skin.

It takes hardly five to ten minutes to remove hair by using hair removal creams. These creams are indeed a practical and safe way of getting rid of unwanted hair.

Some precautions should be taken while applying hair removal creams. It is necessary to ensure that the creams do not come directly in contact with eyes or sensitive areas of the body. Revitol, Veet, Nivea, Dodora, Deplitory, and Caley are some of the brand names of hair removal creams.

Experience the wonderful feeling of smooth soft skin by using hair removal creams. In today’s busy world, hair removal creams make one’s life simple and easy. It saves times and the products are available in affordable prices.

Use of this cream guarantees best result, giving no room of disappointment. These creams intend to remove the growth of unwanted hair, giving a fresh look to the skin every time.

The advantage of using hair removal cream is that it removes the hair in the easiest way and at affordable price too. One can really remove unwanted hairs without bearing any pain or putting extra time or efforts. Hair removal cream in general not only removes the unwanted hair, but also reduces body hair growth.

Regular use of hair removal cream smoothens and whitens the skin. These creams are also found suitable for people with sensitive skin type. One can really enjoy the freedom of skin irritation and pain of waxing and skin cuts.

These hair removal creams make you to win the battle between you and the unwanted hair on the body. With multiple products designed for various skin types, you can pick any product of your choice and have a smooth skin free from the unwanted hair.

Hair Removal Cream – 4 Things You Cannot Afford To Ignore

Among the several methods that you can use to get rid of unwanted hair like the laser hair removal machines, razors, waxing, electrolysis and many other methods you can also use creams that have been made to get rid of the hair that is growing on the parts of the body where it is not wanted.

It is very important that you be sure that you know what you are buying because if you do not get the right product you might end up getting a product that is not effective or a product that has terrible side effects.

The first fact that you must put in mind is that not every product that is being advertised in the name of hair removal is actually a hair removal cream. This is because the people have gotten used to swindling others and they only care about money.

You will need to be extra careful when dealing with such people because you might buy a dangerous product that may cause great harm to your skin or body. Never trust every product you have never used and is very new.

To be sure, you have to have read some reviews on any new product first. Reading reviews online will guard you from trying out a product that might truly be very harmful to you. You will also get to know what type of results you should expect even before you use the cream.

Reviews will also make you learn about the product and from this; you will be able to make a much better and informed decision on what you are supposed to do to get what you want. You will get information first hand and all you need to know about its performance.

The second thing that you will need to take into consideration is the type of company that has made the product. The product will have to come from a company that you can trust. The company has to be reputable.

You can also find out if the company or manufacturers of the product are registered in the BBB website online. This is the Better Business Bureau and this is the company that shows you registered and all legitimate companies online. If the company is on this website then you can be sure that it is legal.

The third factor to consider is the type of ingredients that are found on the product. The ingredients are very important because they are the ones that will determine if the product will be effective or if the product will harm you. This is very critical because you might get a good product that is very effective but you may also be allergic to some of its ingredients.

Always look at the ingredients because you will learn a lot about them too. The last thing is that you should never think that getting the most expensive product does not mean that it is the best. Seek a product that you have done research on because this will give you the same results like any other hair removal method like home laser hair removal.

Experience The Effectiveness Of Hair Removal Cream

By the time that you are looking for the best treatment on how you can eliminate the existence of excessive hairs, you can now experience the perfect solution through the occurrence of hair removal cream.

There is no need for you to undergo surgery when you can have the cheapest, fastest, and safest method of removing them which is the hair removal cream.

You can now enjoy your skin without the presence of the unwanted hairs. With today’s time, smooth and fair skin is measured good qualities of men and women. Having excessive hair on the genital area, underarm, breasts, legs, back, chest, and body is embarrassing and unattractive. It can be disturbing and can be painful when rub against the skin and clothes.

Thus, it is indeed a must to get rid of unwanted hair through utilizing hair removal cream. This acts as depilatory means, this cream works in the course of chemically softening the root of the hair within the follicles.

Since there are many creams available in the market at the present time, it is always advisable to choose the best that suits your skin type to stay away from any detrimental effects on your skin and on your physical condition. All you just have to do is apply ample amount of the cream to the area where you wanted to remove the excessive hair for 7-8 minutes. When time is up, you wipe it with warm towel.

By the time that you use hair removal cream, you will notice the following:

Your hair will take longer before it grows back. Unlike shaving or waxing, hair will grow fast but when you will use the hair removal cream, it will take a month before your hair will grow which is nice for you can save money and time.

Unwanted hair will be eliminated in just few minutes after application. This is considered as the fastest means of removing unwanted hairs in different parts of the body. You will not be ashamed to go to beaches and wear bikinis because the cream will leave you a flawless and radiant glowing skin.

When you are suffering from excessive hair growth in the different parts of your body, experiencing the effectiveness of hair removal cream is suggested by the experts to be used.

Hair removal cream is popular, look for the cream that is made from natural ingredients to avoid rashes and irritations. Get now the chance to have a flawless skin without the excessive hair through using the hair removal cream.

How To Use Hair Removal Cream

We waste lots of money on the system of hair removal. The cream of hair removal is painless and is simple to utilize. Everyone has differed hair types. Some have fine hair and others have coarse hair. You wouldn’t have to utilize many on the hair that is fine.

The creams are also called as the creams of depilatory. These creams are created to cause hair dissolved and leave its root smoothness your skin.

It’s not a problem what brand purchased by you, all of them possesses ingredients that can react with the skin you have. Prior to utilize this all the way, you must frequently test the skin of yours. Irritation can be caused by the cream’s chemicals. To make you safe in utilizing it every day, make sure that you do this in the first place.

You must get a cream of hair removal that you intend to utilize. First, you must get your skin prepared by getting rid any oil and dirt. Later, never forget to have your skin tested. Every person is differ and possess differ types of skin. Get a little spot on the skin you have to attempt to find out in case you possess any reactions of allergic to it.

Always have the instruction on the package read attentively by you. Now you can have it tried by you. The creams of hair removal are secure to use in any location in the body of yours. Lots of people even use it for hair facial. This cream will function finely for women as it does well for men.

You are able to purchase these creams at the closest drugstores. These products are sold by Target stores, Kmart, and Walmart. This is not that costly for use. It is going to remove tweezers, waxing, and shaving.

There won’t be any bumps or razor burns. All hair from your armpits, legs, face, and your back can be removed. Either painlessly as well as instantly, your unwanted hair will be removed with this cream.

The creams function from 3 to 5 minutes and the mildness hold out two times in the time of shaving. There will be found no bumps, nicks, and cuts. This method is the safest, fastest, and cheapest for getting hair removed.

Utilizing cream to get hair removed is simple and just needs minutes. This is an excellent method for removing hair that is unwanted for a lengthier skin that is smoother. The cream of hair removal is excellent for everyone.

The Advantages Of Using Hair Removal Cream

You can get a lot of benefits by removing the unwanted hair from your skin. Primarily, you will be confident to wear the clothes that mostly reveal your skin.

However, there are people who choose the wrong method of removing their skin hair. For instance, they opt for razors, which often result in burns, redness, and bumps of the skin. If you want to protect your skin extensively while removing its hair, you may then consider the benefits of hair removal cream.

In order to give you reasons why you should choose the cream, here are the following:

1. Affordable

The cream is reasonably priced for anyone. A bottle or a single pack of the solution will already give you frequent hair removal sessions. This gives you savings instead of undergoing waxing sessions for hundreds of dollars.

There are also creams that will help you get rid of your unwanted body hair permanently, which will give you useful ways of reducing your investment over time.

2. Easily available

You can get the hair removal cream solutions anywhere. You can get them from retail stores, which are locally available.

Moreover, as of today, there are already creams that can be bought online, which will give you the benefit of getting your supply even when you are home. At times, buying online will also give you the benefit of getting discount coupons and promos from the retailers.

3. Very easy to use

The hair removal cream is very easy to apply. You can even use it on your own. You just need to use it over a small patch of hair growth. You will just let the solution sink in before wiping the cream. This will already do the work for you by just waiting for a few minutes.

4. Exfoliation

Do you know that the hair removal cream may also help slough away the dead skin cells from your skin? They have agents that get rid of the upmost layer of your skin. Moreover, some formulations even whiten your complexion.

5. Not painful

People opt for other options to remove their unwanted hair since they commonly experience irritation. If you want to prevent such, you may consider hair removal topical options, which will give you the simple requirement of applying a cream over your skin that will not sting. Unlike razors and waxing options, the cream will not cause possible redness or inflammation.

6. All natural option

You have the option to purchase creams that are naturally made of herbal compounds. They will give you the best option if you have a very sensitive skin. As of now, companies are making it possible to introduce formulations with nourishing compounds, such as from aloe Vera.

The reasons why you should choose hair removal cream are clearly agreeable. They justified why most people today stop shaving and even waxing. Hair removal cream has given them the convenience of staying at home without spending hundreds of dollars just to remove the unwanted hair from their skin.

The Disadvantages Of Hair Removal Cream

The solution commonly has an odour, which is described to be nasty by most consumers. It can be worse or at times, gentle on the nose if you are lucky. On the other hand, it is also studied to be containing strong chemicals.

It is necessary for you to wipe away the solution quickly to avoid hurting your skin. Even the office of cosmetics of the FDA reported blisters, burns, and stinging with the use of hair removal creams.

Moreover, the results may only be short lived. This is brought by the fact that the cream does not work by removing the follicles from the root.

The above facts regarding hair removal cream will help you understand that every solution has its pros and cons. You just have to accept and weigh the means. In that way, you will be able to come up with an effective and sound decision.

Hair Removal Cream Side Effects

Hair removal creams are easy to use and at the same time provide very good results. You can use these products to get rid of unwanted hair on your arms, legs, chest and the bikini line. Some hair removal creams can also be used to remove facial hair.

A number of different hair removal creams are available in the market today. However, you should be aware that some of them may have side effects and so you should do your research properly before buying and using them.

As a matter of fact, almost all hair removal creams have a harsh smell. This is due to the chemicals that are present in the cream. These chemicals break down the bonds of the hair and help in its removal.

However, not all hair removal creams have a harsh smell. Many hair removal products have added fragrances to mask the smell and made the product more attractive to the user.

Apart from the odour, another side effect of hair removal creams is that they can have a burning and stinging sensation. Many hair removal creams contain chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive, it is better to purchase products that are specially designed for sensitive skin.

Some hair removal products can cause permanent damage to the skin if used continuously for too long. Thus, it is advised not to use hair removal creams for prolonged periods of time.

If you observe any side effects such as darkening of the skin, you should immediately stop using the product and contact your doctor if the side effects are particularly severe. However, it should be noted that many hair removal creams contain soothing agents and natural extracts that are designed to reduce side effects.

It is best to perform a test by using your hair-removal cream on a small patch of skin before using the product. This way you can be sure that you will not have any allergic reaction to the product. It is not advisable to use hair removal products on person below the age of 12.

Permanent Hair Removal Creams

You want to get rid of unwanted hair, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on laser hair removal, nor do you want to go through the pains of waxing… So, here is the best solution for you. You can go for hair removal cream. It is the cheapest, fastest and safest method of removing hair.

Everybody is so busy with their lives, that they don’t have time, even to spend on themselves. They are always packed up with their professional and personal lives.

In such an era, when nobody has time to go to a salon and spend some time on herself or himself, hair removing creams prove to be a great help. They are no doubt, the easiest method of removing hair. Within a few minutes, you can get rid of uninvited and unwanted hair.

Getting laser treatment done to remove hair is not everybody’s cup of tea. It is very expensive and it even takes out the last penny out of you. You are left penny less. Many of us can’t even afford laser treatment. Therefore, using a cream that remove hair is also the cheapest way of getting rid of unwanted hair, other than being the fastest way.

There are umpteen varieties of hair removal creams are available in the market. Some of them are perfumed and some are not. For different skin types there are different creams, they are available for dry, oily, normal, sensitive etc skin.

You just have to choose the one, which corresponds to your skin type. Apply a small sample of the cream on your skin. Wait for 7-8 minutes. If you are allergic to the product, rash will occur. If no rashes or irritation occurs, you can go ahead with your cream and get smoother hair free skin.

Before you pick out the best hair removal cream for yourself, there are couple of things you should know. Knowing the best way of applying the cream is very important. Apply the cream onto the skin, gently dab it. Make sure, you don’t rub the area as it will force the cream to enter the pores of the skin that can be severe invasive in nature.

Apply it for time-span mentioned. It is usually not longer than 12 minutes. After that you need to gently wipe the area with a warm towel.

You will find the residue on your towel to be loosened hair that had been weakened by the hair removing cream. All you are left with is softer and hair free skin. Though, it’s not a permanent hair removal method, still you can get rid of ugly unwanted hair, for at least 2-4 weeks.

If you are looking for the best hair removal cream, then there are plenty of contenders. Many creams claim to do things they just can’t do. One cream that is making waves if from Revitol.

Their cream has been rated number 1# because it works, and that what people are looking for a cream that works. Their cream is FDA registered and has been dermatological tested.

Facial Hair Removal Cream For Men

Facial hair removal cream for men helps treat the unwanted facial hair growth in men. Unwanted hair growth is a condition when hair excessively grows in some parts of our body. This condition can occur not only in women but also in men. Although men normally have more hair than women, they can have unwanted excess hair at a period of time. This unwanted hair becomes problem for men.

There are a lot of factors that cause the excessive growth of hair in men. The excessive hair growth can be caused by hormones. In this case, testosterone is the main hormone that stimulates hair growth in men.

The hair will increase more commonly in the period of puberty. But when the hair grows uncontrollable then you are in trouble. Excessive hair growth can also be caused by heredity factor. Facial hair removal cream for men is a solution for unwanted facial hair growth.

Kinds of Facial Hair Removal Cream for Men

When men find they suffer from this unwanted hair growth, they need to do some efforts to get rid of their problem. Unwanted excess hair growth in men can occur in some parts of their body, especially on the facial part, back, and chest.

Lots of hair removal products for men are available in the market. You need to be selective in choosing the product. Hair removal cream for men come in many different types: creams, lotions, gels, spray or even hair removal devices.

The most common problem experienced by men is having unwanted facial hair growth. This can be very annoying because it affects their look. However, this problem is actually treatable.

You can try to use facial hair removal cream for men to help you. Facial hair removal cream for men is easily found in the market. There are many kinds of them available to help you solve the unwanted hair problem.

Pubic Hair Removal Creams

Pubic hair removal cream is probably the best selections to the other, less favorite techniques of pubic hair removal including electrolysis, laser hair removal, wet shaving, waxing and plucking.

Hair removal creams are quick to make use of on just about any part of the body; however the majority of makers don’t recommend applying them on the face due to the chance of getting into the eyes, The cream will remind you of some other body lotion or creams which you would use for moisturizing or cleansing, the have a simple and silky feel, leaving your skin feeling smooth and fresh free of the pain of soreness and irritation.

Should You Use It?

These creams can be used by both men and women through the entire planet; in fact they are starting to be progressively more fashionable among guys as time goes by. But who uses it?

Hair removal creams tend to be used by individuals that desire to feel fresh and smooth in sensitive spots and it’s ordinarily used by people ages between 20-45.

There are several explanations why using a hair removal cream can be beneficial to men and women:

  • Men are able to explore themselves quicker for lumps and bumps that shouldn’t be there.
  • Shaved regions tend to be a lot more receptive, heightening delight at the time of erotic moments.
  • Shaved places have a tendency to be a lot easier to keep clean and fresh.

How Hair Removal Creams Work! Talking You Through The Why’s And Wherefore’s!

This really is probably the most commonly asked questions when it comes to pubic hair removal creams, people wish to know precisely how they work to ensure that they are certain they are not going to cause any skin injury. The technique behind just how they work is very straight forward.

The cream comprises depilatory agents, those which are also found in skin cleansers that work over the skin directly on the hair alone. The depilatory agents dissolve the hair making it quick to simply wipe away surplus debris and be free from hair once the cream has performed its job.

Because the cream ONLY works ABOVE the skin, this essentially simply leaves the actual hair follicle under the skin perfectly undamaged, which means that this form of hair removal is not permanent. If you are searching for a long term remedy to hair removal then the only way is to use amongst the less popular methods.

Whilst the cream does not offer a permanent hair removal treatment, in a lot of ways this can be a positive point, if you decide in a couple of months or even years time that you no longer want to have no pubic hair then you could simply cease using the cream and it will grow back within about 10 days.

Using It Properly And Experiencing The Most Benefit!

Using pubic hair removal cream for the very first occasion might be somewhat daunting for the reason that you would like to be sure that you are applying it appropriately.

Firstly, you should always be sure you study the manufacturers recommendations properly and carefully to evade any problems because whilst the creams are reliable to apply, they can cause skin irritation and excoriation IF applied incorrectly.

Applying most creams correctly and getting the best out of them should really involve doing the following:

  • Take a warm bath to open up the pores of the skin.
  • Use the cream across the spot of hair you want to remove by dabbing it straight onto the skin.
  • Commonly you will be required to leave the cream in position for approximately 8 minutes but be well-advised by the company’s directions.
  • Once the time period is up basically use a warm flannel to remove any remaining cream and all dissolved hair particles. After that you can rinse your skin using hot water.

As mentioned above, pubic hair removal creams are completely harmless to be made use of provided that you make use of them in the right way and as directed by the manufacturer.

To evade any difficulties when using the treatment our top tips are:

  • Always take a shower just before using the cream to make sure that the pores of the skin are effectively opened up.
  • Always dab the cream on to the skin and Never rub in to the skin, the rubbing movement can easily drive the cream down into the pores of the skin and trigger skin discomfort.
  • For no reason leave the cream on for longer than directed, doing so is likely to result in the same outcome as massaging the cream into the skin.
  • Do not use other chemical products on the skin instantly after using the cream; usually, leave an hour or two before putting on other makeup or moisturizers.

Tips On How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair At Home

If you are one of millions of folks who want to get rid of hair from areas of your body where you wished it was not, but you do not want to pay thousands of dollars to hair removal professionals, take heart. There are several do it yourself unwanted body hair removal procedures that are easy to do and relatively cheap.

Read on for a look at some of the more popular body hair removal treatments that you might like to try out yourself, in the comfort of your own home.

Shaving Tips for Women

Women should never use razors that are designed for men. Razors for women are made to fit the feminine areas better and provide the correct shaving angle for the leg and under the arms.

Shaving is best at night when the hair follicles are not surrounded by tightly packed body fluids. Prior to shaving, wash the legs and underarms with warm water. Apply gel, shaving cream or hair conditioner.

Be very careful when you are shaving sensitive areas like the bikini line. The panties you put on can cause discomfort and bumps if there is shaving rash there.

Note that if you decide to shave your face or moustache area, the hair will not be any thicker than it was before. It is more common for women to shave under their arms two times per week.

The leg area is typically shaved weekly. Naturally, the frequency of shaving is dependent upon the individual and the rate with which their hair grows.

Shaving for Men

Shaving in the shower softens up the whiskers and gives a smoother shave. Whether you use a cream or a gel, it is not how much you put on but instead how you apply it. Apply shaving cream or lotion by massaging it gently onto the skin. This stimulates the Pilli muscles to raise the whiskers up which make them easier to cut.

Single blades offer a better shave over that of double or triple ones. Replace your blade when it is no longer sharp. Shave in the direction that your hair grows for the initial couple of passes, then reverse and shave against the grain the final time.

Wash your face with cool water after your shave and pat but not rub, using a towel. Many men have to shave their faces more than once a day although daily shaving is much more common.

Depilatories Tips

Before employing any sort of cream or lotion, do a skin test. This is needed to determine if your skin is allergic to a product you want to use. Apply a smallish quantity of the cream or lotion on a patch of skin and wait for 24 hours for a reaction, if any.

If the skin area looks normal, it is safe for you to use the product. To get the most out of depilatories, it is better to use them following a bath because this is the time when hair is soft and the pores are open. Follow the product application instructions exactly! Never leave it on any longer than it states and use a watch or timer to be certain.

If you have any soreness, acne or open wounds on the skin, hold off until they heal before using depilatories. Women use depilatories about once every two weeks, but the frequency of use is dependent on how fast the hair grows.

Tips for Tweezing

Always clean your tweezers in hot water prior to using. Wiping with alcohol is even better. Tweezing is wonderful for forming eyebrows or removing stray hairs on the face and chin. Avoid tweezing nose hairs since infection could result.

Tweeze in the same direction as the hair growth. Cover the area to be tweezed with a hot face cloth for a couple of minutes to open the pores.

Do not use creams or moisturizers before tweezing as it could possibly cause infected or blocked pores and it might make you slip with the tweezers. The effects of tweezing usually last for two weeks or more.

Some Methods For Safe Hair Removal

Everyone wishes to get rid of unwanted body hair. They sometimes look unsightly and may often cause embarrassment. In order to save themselves from such embarrassment, people opt for various methods to remove the excess hair from their body.

Some of these methods are waxing, plucking, tweezing and using hair removal creams and lotions. But these are temporary methods for hair removal as the hair grows back after a period of time.

Generally, people are under the impression that the permanent methods available for hair removal are not safe, nor effective in removing excess hair. However, this is not true. The methods used for permanent removal of hair are safe, effective, and very efficient in removing body hair.

One of the safest methods for removing body hair is through electrolysis. This method has been clinically proven to be the best and effective for hair removal. Some people have a misconception that this method is painful, but this is not the case.

The treatment may cause some discomfort like warm sensations, reddening of the skin, or slight swelling, but it is a relatively painless procedure. The swelling or redness caused by electrolysis usually disappears after a few hours.

It is a simple and safe method but there are few things that should be to be kept in mind before undergoing the treatment. Electrolysis should be performed by a qualified and licensed electrolysis technician. It is a time taking process and you may have to undergo many sessions for getting rid of unwanted hair.

Electrolysis is a better treatment option for hair removal than other methods such as hair removal creams and waxing, which can burn your skin or cause irritation if used carelessly.

Another method for removing unwanted hair permanently is through the laser hair removal treatment. It is also a safe and effective method for removing unwanted hair. It helps in getting rid of unwanted hair permanently and is an expensive method.

Like many other products, this method may also have some side effects. It can cause lightening or darkening of the skin in the treated area depending upon the complexion of the person.

If you are opting for a permanent solution for hair removal, then you must take certain precautions to have a safe and effective treatment. Consult a professional before you opt for such treatments.

Permanent Hair Removal

The people think that if they have resorted to the permanent hair removal, the attained effect will last forever and the undesirable hairs will not germinate again, but it is not so.

The majority of the people, who have used this method, have to admit that after certain time the hair will appear again and it is clinically proved that the method, which is called as a permanent hair removal, is temporary in any case.

The most often used types of the permanent hair removal are the following:

1) Photoepilation:

  • Hair removal with a laser;
  • Flash lamps;
  • epilation with a diode laser;

2) Electroepilation:

  • Blend;
  • Electrolysis;
  • thermolysis;

3) Ultrasound Epilation:

It is clinically tested and proved that a treatment with a laser helps only to lighten the colour and to diminish the size of the undesirable hairs, so it is the best solution for the people with the darker hair and lighter tones of the body skin.

It does not take so much time to make a laser hair removal than electrolysis, because for the area of the beard it will take only around 20-30 minutes to remove all the hair. That is why the permanent hair removal with a laser is more frequently used than electrolysis.

The hair removal with the flash lamps, which are sometimes called as the hair removal with the intense pulse lights, means that the filtered light is sent through a hand part to the skin to destroy the follicle of the hair.

It is important to know that this filtered light does not remain valid on the red, blonde and un-pigmented hairs. The epilation with the diode laser is a new method, which is based on the diode laser beam, which is sent into the skin, where the photon energy, which was secreted from this beam, evaporates and destroys the cells of the hair follicles.

The blend is a confluence of the direct and alternating current, which is used to act on the heating and chemical way at one time or coherently in order to destroy the follicles of the undesirable hairs.

The electrolysis, which is sometimes called as electrology, means that a fine needle-shaped electrode will destroy the root of the hair if a person decides to resort to this method. By the electrolysis a fine tipped probe has to be placed in the follicle of the unwanted hairs.

The ultrasound epilation has recourse to the ultrasound waves to destroy the hair follicles. If a person decides to use one from these methods, it is important to remember that the result will not last forever.

Hair Removal: What Is The Right Option For You?

For as long as civilization existed, mankind has struggled with the issue of hair removal, for various reasons. In Ancient Egypt for example, total hair removal kept fleas, lice and other parasites away. Egyptian priests also believed that total hair removal symbolized purity in the eyes of the gods.

Currently, in Western society, hair is usually removed for aesthetic or social reasons. Fashion dictates the “approved” amount of hair for women and men. The majority of people strive to meet this societal standard to feel accepted and confident.

Most women in Western society practise some sort of hair removal. Actually modern women usually remove pretty much all hair below their eyebrows. While the process is time-consuming, tedious and costly, women derive great satisfaction from their smooth, hair-free bodies.

Recently, men have begun to feel some of the pressure women felt for decades regarding hair removal. Men routinely shave their facial hair, or at least groom it to some extent. Lately, overly hairy men have also jumped on the hair removal bandwagon; waxing, shaving or even undergoing laser treatments on their back, stomach or chest hair.

So what are the options? Hair removal is very common and widely practised around the world. Based on how permanent you want the result to be and how much you want to pay, there is a hair removal method for every need.

1. Shaving

Shaving removes the hair above the surface of the skin. It is the cheapest form of hair removal but also the shortest lasting. Typically you will need to shave every 2-3 days to maintain the smooth appearance.

People with particularly coarse hair might notice stubble sooner, even after a day. However, shaving is still the most popular method of hair removal, due mostly to its ease of use and cost-effectiveness. There are many razors and shaving creams or gels to remove hair effectively and condition the skin at the same time.

2. Depilatories

Depilatories are essentially a chemical solution for hair removal, usually in cream or gel form. The solution is highly alkaline, which dissolves the protein structure of hair and turns them into a jelly-like mass, which is then wiped off.

Only slightly more expensive than shaving and still relatively easy to use, depilatories are also a popular hair removal method. Their success rate varies.

Every hair structure is slightly different and sometimes you have to experiment with brands or products until you find the one that works for you.

Depilatories are not recommended for people with extra sensitive skin or those prone to allergic reactions to chemicals. Before performing hair removal with a depilatory cream, it is wise to do a simple skin allergy test. Reactions can include a rash, blisters, burning skin and other irritations.

3. Waxing, Sugaring, and Threading

These methods pluck hair from the follicle under the skin, unlike the above ways of hair removal which only trim hair above the skin. The results are slightly more permanent, lasting for approximately two weeks (more or less, depending on type of hair) Waxing is a form of hair removal which places melted wax over skin and allows it to cool and harden.

Then the wax is pulled off the skin against the growth of the hair with a swift motion, taking the hair with it. This is usually performed at a beauty salon. However, many drugstores and department stores sell wax which does not need to be heated and is easier for hair removal at home.

Sugaring is a similar hair removal method to waxing, with the wax being replaced with a sugary paste and then ripped off the skin. Threading is an ancient hair removal technique, which involves a loop of thread being rolled on the skin, grabbing the hair and pulling them out.

Since all of the above hair removal methods pose some sort of risk of breaking the skin, the risk of infection or irritation is present. Following hygienic precautions and using the products on healthy skin only lessens the risks.

4. Epilators, Electrolysis and Laser

The following claim to be permanent hair removal methods. However, some claims might be embellished and services and skill levels vary from provider to provider. Since these hair removal methods are costly and carry a significant risk factor, it’s important to research the options carefully and check the hair removal clinic’s reputation and references if possible.

Epilators use electric current to destroy the hair root at the bottom of the hair follicle. The loosened hair is then removed with tweezers. Although this method claims to be permanent, more research is needed to verify these claims. There are epilators available in stores for at home hair removal and these do not produce permanent results.

Electrolysis removes hair with a shortwave radio frequency, following the insertion of a thin probe into the hair follicle. There is significant data to support the claim that electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method, however, the results are not instantaneous and multiple appointments are needed to produce the desired result. Side effects include infection from an unsterile needle and scarring from improper technique.

Laser removes hair with heat. Only licensed professional should be allowed the use of lasers. It is considered to be a permanent hair removal technique. Since the procedure can be painful (skin sensitivity to pain varies), a topical anaesthetic might be used. Be sure to be informed of its potential risks before consenting.

Hair removal by lasers has probably the greatest probability of serious injury. Potential side effects can include blistering, discoloration after treatment, swelling, redness, and scarring. Sunlight should be avoided during healing after the procedure.